Ehren Kruger

Ehren Kruger
Born (1972-10-05) October 5, 1972
Alexandria, Virginia
Occupation Screenwriter, film producer

Ehren Kruger (born October 5, 1972) is an American screenwriter and film producer. He is best known for writing three of the four films in the Transformers film series which are Revenge of the Fallen, Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction.[1]

Life and career

Kruger was raised in Alexandria, Virginia, and attended college at New York University. He attended the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, graduating in 1990.

His produced screenplays include Arlington Road, Scream 3 and Reindeer Games.[2] He was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for Best Screenplay for The Ring.

He also did uncredited rewrites to Scream 4, when Kevin Williamson had to leave production.

Early on in his career after penning the screenplay Arlington Road, he received the Nicholl Fellowship from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (an international competition open to new screenwriters) in 1996. Kruger wrote the script of the television series adaption of Terry Gilliam's film The Brothers Grimm.[3]


Year Film Credit Director Studio Rotten Tomatoes
1998 Killers in the House Writer Michael Schultz Studios USA -[4]
1999 Arlington Road Writer Mark Pellington Screen Gems
PolyGram Pictures
2000 Scream 3 Writer Wes Craven Dimension Films 31%[6]
2000 Reindeer Games Writer John Frankenheimer 25%[7]
2002 Impostor Screenplay Gary Fleder 22%
2002 The Ring Screenplay Gore Verbinski DreamWorks Pictures 72%[8]
2005 Rings Writer Jonathan Liebesman
2005 The Ring Two Writer Hideo Nakata 20%[9]
2005 The Skeleton Key Writer Iain Softley Universal Studios 39%[10]
2005 The Brothers Grimm Writer
Terry Gilliam Miramax Films 37%[11]
2007 Blood & Chocolate Screenplay
Executive Producer
Katja von Garnier Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 11%[12]
2009 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Writer Michael Bay DreamWorks Pictures
Paramount Pictures
2011 Dream House Producer Jim Sheridan Universal Studios 6%[14]
2011 Scream 4 Executive Producer, Uncredited Rewrites Wes Craven Dimension Films 58%[15]
2011 Transformers: Dark of the Moon Writer Michael Bay Paramount Pictures 36%[16]
2014 Transformers: Age of Extinction Writer 18%[17]


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