Edwin T. Dahlberg

Edwin T. Dahlberg (27 December 1892 – September 1986) was an American Baptist church leader. Rev. Dahlberg was known for his strong efforts to promote social justice and peacemaking.[1]


Rev. Edwin T. Dahlberg was President of American Baptist Churches USA, (1946–1947) and President of the National Council of Churches USA (1957–1960). Rev. Dahlberg helped found the Fellowship of Reconciliation and the Baptist Peace Fellowship. Rev. Dahlberg advocated pacifism during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Rev. Dahlberg received the Gandhi Peace Award. A graduate of Colgate Rochester Divinity School, he later served as trustee of his alma mater.[2]

American Baptist Churches USA named the Dahlberg Peace Award after Rev. Dahlberg. In 1964 Martin Luther King, Jr. was the first recipient.

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For where the need of the world and your talents meet, that is where you are called of God to go.
Rev. Edwin T. Dahlberg, [3]


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