Edward Denison Ross

Edward Denison Ross (John Lavery, (1922)

Sir Edward Denison Ross (6 June 1871 – 20 September 1940) was an Orientalist and linguist, specializing in languages of the Far East. He could read 49 languages, and speak 30 of them. He was director of the British Information Bureau for the Near East. Along with Eileen Power, he wrote and edited a 26 volume series on India, The Broadway Travellers.[1] The series included the diary of the 17th century naval chaplain Henry Teonge. In 1934 Edward Denison Ross attended Ferdowsi Millenary Celebration in Tehran.

Ross joined the staff of the British Museum in 1914, appointed to catalogue the collections of Sir Aurel Stein.[2]

He was the first director of the School of Oriental and African Studies from 1916 to 1937.[3][4]


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