Education in Latvia

Education in Latvia is free and compulsory. Compulsory education includes two years of preschool education (usually starting at 5 years old) and a further nine years of elementary education (usually until 15/16 years of age).[1][2]

In 1996, the gross primary enrolment rate was 95.8 percent, while the net primary enrollment rate was 89.5 percent.[3] The number of children who do not attend primary school was increasing as of 2001.[3] In rural areas, a number of schools have been closed.[3] The place allocated to minority languages in secondary education was an issue of wide protests in 2003-2004 (see Russian School Defense Staff).

According to 2010 data from UNESCO, 4,720 students from Latvia were enrolled in tertiary education abroad (mostly in the UK, Russia and Germany); 1,760 students from other countries were enrolled in tertiary education in Latvia (mostly from Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania).[4]

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