Edgar Wallace Mysteries

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The Edgar Wallace Mysteries was a British second-feature film series, produced at Merton Park Studios for Anglo-Amalgamated. There were 47 films in the series, made between 1960 and 1965.

The films were loose adaptations of Edgar Wallace's books and stories. Very few used his original titles, and there was no attempt to set them in the period in which Wallace wrote, probably to eliminate the need for elaborate costumes and sets. A 1962 article in Scene magazine quotes £22,000 as the budget for an episode then in production.

Most of the series featured a uniform title sequence, in which a shadowed bust of Edgar Wallace revolves slowly against a backdrop of swirling mist, to the accompaniment of the "Man of Mystery" theme written by Michael Carr. "Man of Mystery" was later recorded by The Shadows and became a no. 5 hit record in the UK.

The series has been shown on television. In Britain it was seen on ITV, Channel 4 and Bravo at various times from the late Sixties through to the Nineties. It was shown on U.S. television as The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre, with episodes cut to fit hour-long commercial TV slots.

In July 2012 Network DVD began to release the complete series on DVD, uncut and presented in its original aspect ratio.


  • Urge to Kill (March 1960)
  • Clue of the Twisted Candle (Sept 1960)
  • Marriage of Convenience (Nov 1960)
  • The Man Who Was Nobody (Dec 1960)
  • The Clue of the New Pin (Feb 1961)
  • Partners in Crime (Feb 1961)
  • The Fourth Square (June 1961)
  • Man at the Carlton Tower (July 1961)
  • Clue of the Silver Key (Aug 1961)
  • Attempt to Kill (Sept 61)
  • Man Detained (Oct 1961)
  • Never Back Losers (Dec 1961)
  • The Sinister Man (Dec 1961)
  • Candidate for Murder (Feb 1962)
  • Backfire! (Feb 1962)
  • The Share Out (Feb 1962)
  • Flat Two (Feb 1962)
  • Number Six (Apr 1962)
  • Time to Remember (July 1962)
  • Locker 69 (Sept 1962)
  • Playback (Sept 1962)
  • Solo for Sparrow (Sept 1962)
  • Death Trap (Oct 1962)

  • The Set-Up (Jan 1963)
  • £20,000 Kiss (Jan 1963)
  • Incident at Midnight (Jan 1963)
  • On the Run (Feb 1963)
  • Return to Sender (March 1963)
  • Ricochet (March 1963)
  • The Double (April 1963)
  • The Rivals (May 1963)
  • To Have and to Hold (July 1963)
  • The Partner (Sept 1963)
  • Accidental Death (Nov 1963)
  • Five to One (Dec 1963)
  • Downfall (Jan 1964)
  • The Verdict (Feb 1964)
  • We Shall See (Apr 1964)
  • Who Was Maddox? (June 1964)
  • Act of Murder (Sept 1964)
  • Face of a Stranger (Sep 1964)
  • Never Mention Murder (Nov 1964)
  • The Main Chance (Nov 1964)
  • Game for Three Losers (Apr 1965)
  • Change Partners (July 1965)
  • Strangler's Web (Aug 1965)
  • Dead Man's Chest (Oct 1965)

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