Eastern Military Command (Brazil)

Eastern Military Comman (Portuguese: Comando Militar do Leste)

Emblem of the Eastern Military Comman.
Active 1946–present
Country Brazil
General-de-exercito General Francisco Carlos Modesto,[1] Brazil

The Eastern Military Command is one of seven Military Commands of the Brazilian Army. The Eastern Military Command or "Comando Militar do Leste" (CML) is responsible for the defence of the states Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo. A Parachutist Brigade (the Brigada de Infantaria Pára-quedista) and two Motorized Infantry Brigades are assigned to the 1st Army Division, which is the CMLs manoeuvre unit. Two Military Regional Commands are subordinated to the CML for administrative purposes.

Current Structure

Structure of the Comando Militar do Leste


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