Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature

Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature
5th legislature
Deputy speaker
Seats 63
Political groups

Congress of the People (1)
African Independent Congress (1)

Party-list proportional representation
Last election
7 May 2014
Meeting place
Provincial Legislature Building, Independence Avenue, Bhisho

The Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature is the primary legislative body of the South African province of Eastern Cape. It is unicameral in its composition, and elects the premier and the provincial cabinet from among the members of the leading party or coalition in the parliament.


The provincial legislature consists of 63 members, who are elected through a system of party list proportional representation with closed lists. In other words, each voter casts a vote for one political party, and seats in the legislature are allocated to the parties in proportion to the number of votes received. The seats are then filled by members in accordance with lists submitted by the parties before the election.

The legislature is elected for a term of five years, unless it is dissolved early. This may occur if the legislature votes to dissolve and it is at least three years since the last election, or if the Premiership falls vacant and the legislature fails to elect a new Premier within ninety days. By convention all nine provincial legislatures and the National Assembly are elected on the same day.

The most recent election was held on 7 May 2014. The following table summarises the results.

Party Votes Vote % Seats
African National Congress 1,528,345 70.09 45
Democratic Alliance 353,316 16.20 10
United Democratic Movement 134,280 6.16 4
Economic Freedom Fighters 75,776 3.48 2
Congress of the People 26,129 1.20 1
African Independent Congress 16,786 0.77 1
Other parties 45,832 2.1 0
Total 2,180,464 100.0 63


The Speaker is the political head of the legislature, and is assisted by a Deputy Speaker. As of 2012 the Speaker is Fikile Xasa [1] and his deputy is Bulelwa Tunyiswa;[2] they are both members of the African National Congress. The following people have served as Speaker:

Name Entered Office Left Office Party
Gugile Nkwinti 1994 1999 ANC
Mkhangeli Matomela 1999 2004 ANC
Noxolo Kiviet 2004 2009 ANC
Fikile Xasa 6 May 2009 20 May 2014 ANC
Noxolo Kiviet 21 May 2014 present ANC


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