East Putney tube station

East Putney London Underground
East Putney
Location of East Putney in Greater London
Location Putney
Local authority London Borough of Wandsworth
Managed by London Underground
Number of platforms 2
Fare zone 2 and 3
OSI Putney National Rail [1]
London Underground annual entry and exit
2012 Increase 5.33 million[2]
2013 Increase 5.65 million[2]
2014 Increase 6.14 million[2]
2015 Decrease 6.00 million[2]
Key dates
1889 Opened (DR)
1889 Started (L&SWR)
1941 Ended (SR)
Other information
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WGS84 51°27′31″N 0°12′41″W / 51.4587°N 0.2113°W / 51.4587; -0.2113Coordinates: 51°27′31″N 0°12′41″W / 51.4587°N 0.2113°W / 51.4587; -0.2113
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East Putney is a London Underground station on the Wimbledon branch of the District line. It is between Putney Bridge to the north, and Southfields to the south. The station is on Upper Richmond Road (A205). It is on the boundary of Travelcard Zone 2 and Travelcard Zone 3


The station was opened by the District Railway (DR, now the District line) on 3 June 1889 on an extension from Putney Bridge station to Wimbledon. The extension was built by the London and South Western Railway (L&SWR) which, starting on 1 July 1889, ran its own trains over the line via an eastward-facing loop that joins the Clapham Junction to Barnes main line.

The section of the District line from Putney Bridge to Wimbledon was the last part of the line to be converted from steam operation to electric. Electric trains began running on 27 August 1905.

Regular passenger services between Waterloo and Wimbledon through East Putney were ended by the Southern Railway (successor to the L&SWR) on 4 May 1941, although the line remained in British Rail ownership until 1 April 1994 when it was sold to London Underground for the nominal sum of £1. Until the sale, the station was branded as a British Rail station. The spur line between Wandsworth Town (Point Pleasant Jn) and East Putney was reduced to single track in the 1980s. The route from Wimbledon to Wandsworth Town (Point Pleasant Junction) is still used by South West Trains for empty stock movements and occasional service train diversions, as well as three daily South West Trains services which run to and from Waterloo via the route in the early hours of the morning (to maintain train crew knowledge of the route) so South West Trains trains pass through East Putney station on a daily basis, but without stopping.[3] There are very infrequent movements of Network Rail engineering trains and light engine movements through the station as well.

Station layout

A 1914 Railway Clearing House map of lines around East Putney station. Note how Point Pleasant Jct was once grade separated to access the line to Waterloo.

The junction between the District line tracks and what is now the National Rail loop to the main line is immediately to the south of the station. Two pairs of tracks (one pair for each operator) run through the station giving it a narrow Y-shaped arrangement with a shared central island platform and two separate platforms across the tracks for opposite directions. The street-level station entrance and buildings lie between the two arms of the Y. The isolated National Rail platform is disused and overgrown, but the National Rail platform on the central island is in working order. Although it is not served by regular trains it is very occasionally used for terminating services from Wimbledon in connection with engineering works. A barrier has been built on the central island platform across the part of the platform that forks off to the north-east and forms the right arm of the Y.

The station has four staircases. The one to the disused National Rail platform is not accessible to the public, but the two up to the island platform are both in service.

The National Rail connection to the Clapham Junction to Barnes line remains in place and is still used periodically to transfer trains - usually Empty Coaching Stock (ECS) - to the Wimbledon Traincare depot. It is also used periodically when the normal South Western Main Line route is blocked / unavailable between Wimbledon and Clapham Junction (and vice versa).

Until 1990, the eastbound tracks of the branch formerly crossed over the tracks of the Clapham Junction line via a bridge north of this station, and then ran parallel with the main line on a viaduct for some distance before merging with the tracks at Point Pleasant junction to the east of Putney Bridge Road (A3209). This link is no longer used and connections are made by the former westbound branch track which operates as a single line. The main deck of the disused viaduct has been removed although the central piers and the abutments of the viaduct remain.


London Buses routes 37 and 337 serve the station.

Past plans

East Putney was a proposed stop on the Chelsea-Hackney Line (now Crossrail 2). It was envisaged that the station's District line service would have been replaced by the new line.

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