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The EFMD Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) is a school accreditation system. It specializes in higher education institutions of management and business administration, run by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).[1] As of October 2014, EQUIS has accredited 149 business schools in 40 countries around the world.[2]

Scope of business school accreditation for AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA
Number of schools with single, double and triple (AACSB-AMBA-EQUIS) accreditation outside North America


EQUIS was created in 1997 under Gordon Shenton and the current director is Michael Osbaldeston.[3] In the past 17 years of existence the organization has accredited 149 institutions in 40 countries.[2]

Object of the accreditation

The accreditation is awarded to business schools based on general quality. The process also takes into account the business school's level of internationalization, which is not a strict requirement for accreditation by the other two major international accreditation bodies: AACSB and AMBA.[4] So far all fully accredited EQUIS business schools applying for AACSB accreditation have succeeded, which has not been the case the other way.[5]

EQUIS accreditation can be granted for three years (with annual progress reports on the areas of improvement required) or for five years (with a mid-term progress report on development objectives required).[6]

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