Croatian Railways Series 2044
Type and origin
Power type Diesel-electric
Builder Electro-Motive Division / Đuro Đaković
Build date 1981 - 1984
AAR wheel arr. A1A-A1A
UIC class (A1A)' (A1A)'
Gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Length 16.994 m (55 ft 9.1 in)
Loco weight 97.5 t (96.0 long tons; 107.5 short tons)
Prime mover 12-645 E3
Engine type V12 diesel
Cylinders 12
Performance figures
Maximum speed 124 km/h (77 mph)
Power output 2,330 hp (1,740 kW)
Numbers 2044.0012044.031; 31 in HŽ (26 in use)
Nicknames "Karavela", "Mala Karavela"
Locale Croatia

The Electro-Motive Division GT22HW-2 is a custom designed EMD A1A-A1A diesel-electric locomotive built by Đuro Đaković for Yugoslavia. Mainly used for passenger service, the reliability of these locomotives made this model a success even after the breakup of Yugoslavia. Designated as the Series 645 in the Yugoslav Railways, these locomotives were later known as the Series 2044 in the Croatian Railways after 1991. Thirty four examples (645.001 - 645.034), of this model were built between February 1981 to August 1984 and are noted with different formats of lettering due to the various ethnicities existing in Yugoslavia at the time.

Due to the locomotive's unique designation, the model breaks down into several indications:

Electro-Motive Division / Đuro Đaković GT22HW-2
G T 22 H W -2
Flushed Carbody Turbocharged EMD 645 Series Engine Head End Power equipped Standard Gauge EMD Dash 2 Electronics

Although the locomotives are equipped with A1A-A1A running gear, no official designation was present until 1993 due to low production.


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