Dynasty IT

Dynasty IT
Manufacturer Dynasty Electric Vehicles Ltd.
Production 2001 - present
Body and chassis
Class Battery Electric microcar
Body style 5 door multi-purpose
Engine Battery
Transmission Front wheel drive
Length 140 in (3566mm)
Width 60 in (1524mm)
Height 63 in (1600mm)
Curb weight 1450 lbs (653kg)

The Dynasty IT was a Canadian electric car produced by Dynasty Electric Car Corporation, designed to qualify as a neighborhood electric vehicle, primarily made for urban, recreational and light commercial markets.[1] It was available in five variants including a sedan, mini pick-up, van and two open air versions. The North American version has a range of up to 30 miles (50 km) and does not exceed 25 mph (40 km/h). Most models have a curb weight of 1450 lb (653 kg).

Dynasty was bought by Karakoram Motors of Pakistan Transport Canada rules finish off electric car, which says it plans to produce it in Pakistan.[2]

Use of the vehicle was legal as a low-speed vehicle (LSV) in 47 US states and the Canadian province of British Columbia. A version of the car appeared on the American Sci-Fi Channel TV series Eureka. For the show's purposes, it is covered with photovoltaic cells to appear to be a solar-powered car.


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