Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad

Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad (Dutch Lady Malaysia) (MYX:3026), is a manufacturer of dairy products in Malaysia since the 1950s. It was previously under Royal FrieslandFoods, a Netherlands-based multinational cooperative. Dutch Lady Malaysia is currently a subsidiary of FrieslandCampina, which was formed in December 2008 as a result of the merger between FrieslandFoods and Campina.

Dutch Lady Malaysia was incorporated on 28 May 1963 as a private joint-stock limited company called Pacific Milk Industries (Malaya) Sdn Bhd. It started with the production of a single product – sweetened condensed milk – and has since expanded to a full range of dairy products locally manufactured in its factory located in Petaling Jaya. Its current products include growing up milk, UHT milk, pasteurised milk, sterilised milk, family powdered milk, low fat and 0% fat drinking yoghurt, and low fat yoghurt.[1] Some of its products are also distributed to surrounding countries in Asia and Oceania.[2]

In 2011, Dutch Lady Malaysia was reported as the market share leader in the growing up milk segment – with the Dutch Lady brand holding 40% of national market share.[3]

Its financial record for first quarter of 2012 showed a 9 percent increase in revenue year-on-year, with a net profit of RM27.5 million (US$8.72 million).[4] Despite a slowdown in the Malaysian dairy industry, Dutch Lady Malaysia was reported to be on track to achieve its RM1 billion sales target for 2013.[5]


Dutch Lady Malaysia started as Pacific Milk Industries (Malaya) Sdn Bhd in 1963 where it was commissioned to produce sweetened condensed milk in its Petaling Jaya factory. It was FrieslandFoods’ first production facility based outside of the Netherlands.

Five years later on 24 September 1968, Pacific Milk Industries (Malaya) became the first milk company in Malaysia to be listed on the Stock Exchanges of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

The company changed its name to Dutch Baby Milk Industries (Malaya) Berhad in 1975, and again in year 2000 to what it is known now – Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad.

Dutch Lady was the first Malaysian dairy company to use Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) processing and packaging to produce and market milk in the country.[6]

The Company continued to progressively manufacture and introduce new products into the Malaysian market – sterilised milk were locally produced and sold in plastic bottles in 1983, production of chilled milk products started in 1986, and fruit yoghurt and growing up milk were introduced into the market in 1988.

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