Duan Zhigui

Duan Zhigui

Duan Zhigui
Born 段芝贵 1869
Hefei, Anhui
Died 1925
Allegiance Qing dynasty
Republic of China
Rank general
Other work Minister of War
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Duan.

Duan Zhigui (simplified Chinese: 段芝贵; traditional Chinese: 段芝貴; pinyin: Duàn Zhīguì; IPA: [tu̯àn ʈ͡ʂīku̯èi̯] 1869 – March 1925) was a Chinese general. Born in Hefei, Anhui, Duan gained the post of Heilongjiang governor in the late Qing dynasty and between 1912-13 he was governor of Chahar, and the military governor of Hubei between 1914–15, as well as Military and Civil governor of Fengtian in 1915-16.

A staunch supporter of Yuan Shikai, he was nicknamed the "Adopted Prince" and when Duan Qirui, a fellow Hefei native took the Beijing government, Duan was made a Minister of War in 1917, however with Duan Qirui's defeat by 1920, Duan Zhigui fled to the Japanese embassy. He was remitted in 1922 and lived in Tianjin until his death there in 1925.

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Preceded by
Wang Shizhen
Minister of War of the Republic of China
Succeeded by
Jin Yunpeng
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