Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy

The Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy (also known as the Drive DMACK Cup) is a complementary series to the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). Drivers use the same cars produced by M-Sport - Ford Fiesta R2 and the same tyres provided by DMACK. The winner is entered in WRC2 for DMACK World Rally Team the following season. It was created when Citroën won bid for official JWRC cars and M-Sport wanted to find use for trophy Fiestas.


Year Driver Car
2016 United Kingdom Osian Pryce Ford Fiesta R2T
2015 Norway Marius Aasen Ford Fiesta R2T
2014 Estonia Sander Pärn Ford Fiesta R2


Event wins
Driver Total
1 Estonia Sander Pärn 3
2 United Kingdom Tom Cave 2
Norway Marius Aasen 2
Finland Max Vatanen 2
United Kingdom Osian Pryce 2
United Kingdom Jon Armstrong 2
7 Spain Nil Solans 1
Belgium Ghislain de Mevius 1

Stage Wins
Driver Total
1 United Kingdom Tom Cave 45
2 Finland Max Vatanen 43
3 United Kingdom Osian Pryce 30
4 Norway Marius Aasen 28
5 France Quentin Gilbert 27
6 United Kingdom Jon Armstrong 23
7 United Kingdom Gus Greensmith 21
8 Belgium Ghislain de Mevius 20
9 Estonia Sander Pärn 17
10 Spain Yeray Lemes 16
11 Portugal Bernardo Sousa 16
12 Netherlands Mats Van Der Brand 9
13 Estonia José Antonio Suárez 7
Spain Nil Solans 7
France Nicolas Ciamin 7
16 Kenya Karan Patel 4
Norway Oscar Solberg 4
Poland Jakub Brzeziński 4
19 Australia Brendan Reeves 2
Lebanon Nicolas Amiouni 2
Netherlands Kevin van Deijne 2
22 Italy Edoardo Bresolin 1

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