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This article is about drinking songs in general. For the song from The Student Prince, see Drinking Song.
A German song interpreted by an Italian Brass combo

A drinking song is a song sung while drinking alcohol. Most drinking songs are folk songs, and may be varied from person to person and region to region, in both the lyrics and in the music.

In Germany, drinking songs are called Trinklieder.

In Sweden, where they are called Dryckesvisor, there are drinking songs associated with Christmas, Midsummer, and other celebrations. An example of such a song is "Helan går".

In Spain, Asturias, patria querida (the anthem of Asturias) is usually depicted as a drinking song.

In France, historical types of drinking songs are Chanson pour boire and Air à boire.


The first record of a drinking song dates to the 11th century, and derives from the Carmina Burana,[1] a 13th-century historical collection of poems, educational songs, love sonnets and "entertainment" or drinking songs.

Traditional drinking songs


Franz Schubert wrote several lieder (art songs) known as "Trinklied":

Pop songs

The German band Einstürzende Neubauten included a "Trinklied" in their 1985 album Halber Mensch

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