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Downblouse is a form of sexual fetishism or voyeurism involving watching female breasts looking down a woman's dress.[1] It may take the form of making unauthorized photographs down the top of a female's dress, blouse or other garment, capturing an image of her breasts or cleavage.

The practice is regarded as a form of sexual fetishism or voyeurism and is similar in nature to upskirting. With the advances in digital photography, such as the camera phones, covert photography of cleavage became popular with some websites becoming dedicated to such photos.[2][3] A number of American and Australian states and Germany have specific statutes that prohibit such photography.[4][5]

For ethical and legal issues relating to similar types of photography, see upskirt. The practice is regarded as an invasion of privacy of the woman observed or photographed in this manner, as harassment and as an attack on her dignity.

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