Dominique de Buman

Dominique de Buman
Personal details
Born (1956-04-28) 28 April 1956
Fribourg, Switzerland
Political party Christian Democratic People's

Dominique de Buman (born 28 April 1956) is a Swiss politician and current Vice President of the Christian Democratic People's Party.[1]

At the cantonal level, de Buman sat in the Grand Council (1986-2003). He was subsequently elected to the National Assembly as well as being elected as Vice President of the Christian Democratic People's Party on 18 September 2004. In the Federal Parliament, de Buman served on the Committee for Science, Education and Culture, the Committee for Economic Affairs and Taxation,and the Control Committee.

In 2007, de Buman was president of the organizing committee for the celebration of the 850th anniversary of the city of Fribourg. From 1994 to 2009 he presided over the Sparkasse his hometown.

From 1991 until 2004 de Buman was chief of staff pension fund of the city of Freiburg. Their poor leadership - the coverage reached only 32% - resulted in the formation of a commission of inquiry, which made de Buman partly responsible for the unfortunate situation.[2]


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