For the village in Prahova County, Romania, see Gornet-Cricov.
sub-urban area
Country  Montenegro
Municipality Kotor
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Church of St Mathew in Dobrota.

Dobrota (Montenegrin: Dobrota/Доброта, Italian: Bonintro) is a town in the Kotor Municipality in coastal Montenegro. Although administratively a separate town, it is de facto part of Kotor, and encompasses most of Kotor's residential area, while town of Kotor administratively encompasses town's historical core. It gained somewhat of a notoriety among the locals, as the home of Montenegro's only psychiatric hospital.


Demographic group Dobrota
Montenegrins 4,428
Croats 2,535
Serbs 2,067
Yugoslavs 51
Muslims 35
Albanians 32
Macedonians 14
Hungarians 14
Russians 14
Roma 11
Italians 9
Germans 7
Slovenes 7
Egyptians 5
Bosniaks 3
Others 57
Undefined/Undeclared 801
Regional Affiliation 42
Unknown 37
Total 8,169

Coordinates: 42°27′14″N 18°46′05″E / 42.454°N 18.768°E / 42.454; 18.768

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