Diyi (翟衣) worn with fengguan (phoenix crown)

Diyi (翟衣) is the historical Chinese attire worn by empresses and crown princesses (wife of crown prince) in the Ming Dynasty. It is a formal wear meant only for ceremonial purposes. It is a form of shenyi, and is embroidered with long-tail pheasants (翟, Di) and circular flowers (小輪花). It is worn with phoenix crown (without the dangling string of pearls by the sides). Diyi has been worn by empresses and other royal noblewomen (differs according to different dynasties) since the Zhou Dynasty under various names like huiyi (褘衣) in Zhou and Song Dynasty, and miaofu (庙服) in Han Dynasty.[1]

Korean Version

2 variations of the diyi had been developed in Korea during the Joseon Dynasty, & later in the Korean Empire. The developments were as follows:

Diyi were worn by:


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Notes and references

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