Dixy Chicken

Dixy Chicken
Wholly owned subsidiary
Industry Restaurants
Founded 1986
Founder Mohammed "Mo" Chowdhury and Samuel Jackson (Meshoe)
Headquarters Solihull, England
Number of locations
150+ worldwide
Area served
Key people
Shakeel Arshad
(Owner, chairman & CEO)
Products Fast Food
(chicken burgers  chicken  french fries  soft drinks  salads  desserts)
Parent SABT2 Ltd.
Website dixychicken.com
Dixy Chicken, Palmers Green, London

Dixy Chicken is a fast food chain that specializes in halal chicken. The company was founded by two British Pakistanis who offered a halal version of products found in McDonald's and KFC. It is owned by a company in England named SABT2 Limited. The company was founded in 1986, and has 110 outlets within the UK. There are four in Syria, and one each in France, Norway, and Egypt.


Dixy Chicken was founded in 1986 by Mohammed "Mo" Chowdhury and Samuel Jackson (Meshoe). In early 2008 it was taken over by the American chain Church's Chicken. In late 2008, it was acquired by Shakeel Arshad, the current owner.[1]

Food safety and hygiene

The Food Standards Agency lists hygiene ratings for the 73 outlets in the UK and 39 have received 4 or 5 stars.[2]

In 2012, after being open for just two weeks, an outlet in Staffordshire, was awarded two out of five stars on Staffordshire Borough Council's Rate My Place food safety inspection scheme, noting numerous issues including 'haphazard' refrigerated food storage methods, infected blood found on the packaging of some cheese slices, inadequate hot water supply and cooked chicken being stored below the required temperature of 63 °C.[3]

Bullying controversy

In May 2016 the manager of the location at 258 Rainham Rd S, Dagenham, a suburb of London was recorded taunting and bullying a disabled elderly man and spitting in his food as he tried to eat. This recording was posted on YouTube and has since gone viral.[4]

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