Districts of South Sulawesi

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The Districts of South Sulawesi are an administrative division for South Sulawesi, a province of Indonesia that is made up of regencies which are in turn divided into districts called Kecamatan.

South Sulawesi Regencies and their capitals

No Regency Capital
1 Bantaeng Bantaeng
2 Barru Barru
3 Bone Watampone
4 Bulukumba Bulukumba
5 East Luwu Malili
6 Enrekang Enrekang
7 Gowa Sungguminasa
8 Jeneponto Bontosunggu
9 Luwu Belopa
10 North Luwu Masamba
11 North Toraja Rantepao
12 Maros Maros
13 Pangkajene Islands Pangkajene
14 Pinrang Pinrang
15 Selayar Islands Benteng
16 Sinjai Sinjai
17 Sidenreng Rappang Sidenreng
18 Soppeng Watan Soppeng
19 Takalar Takalar
20 Tana Toraja Makale
21 Wajo Sengkang
No City
1 Makassar Makassar
2 Palopo Palopo
3 Pare-Pare Pare-Pare


The districts and their regencies in South Sulawesi are as follows:

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