Diploma of Imperial College

The Diploma of the Imperial College (DIC) is an academic certificate awarded by Imperial College London to its postgraduate students upon graduation.[1] Until recently, Imperial was part of the University of London and Imperial College bestowed the University of London's degrees as well as its own diplomas. Now Imperial College degrees are awarded. Although the award may be studied for on its own, the DIC is typically jointly-awarded to students completing a University of London / Imperial College postgraduate course lasting for a year or more. For example, Brian May PhD DIC implies that the student was awarded a PhD from the University of London / Imperial College and the DIC from the Imperial College London.

To be awarded a DIC, the student needs to be registered as a student of the college. Imperial also hosts visiting students from institutions outside the UK who attend classes and complete courses at the college. Although the final degree is awarded by the overseas institution the student is affiliated with, visiting students working at the college for at least a year are eligible for the Imperial College International Diploma.


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