Quebec College Diploma

A College Diploma in Quebec (officially titled: Diploma of College Studies, often abbreviated DCS, French: Diplôme d'études collégiales or DEC) is a degree issued by the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports after a student has successfully completed an approved college education program. The Quebec education system is slightly different from the rest of North America. One aspect of its distinctness is that it is the only system that requires a college degree before entering university.

The college diploma was established at the same time as the current college system. There are two types of college diplomas: a two year pre-university diploma or a three year vocational training diploma.[1] A Diploma of College Studies is a university prerequisite for Quebec high school graduates, unless applying as a mature student.

A pre-university Diploma of College Studies is roughly equivalent in the rest of North America to a combination of grade twelve and the first year of an Associate's degree, while a three year vocational is often equivalent to an Associate's.[2]


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