Alternative names Thiples
Course Dessert
Place of origin Greece
Main ingredients Dough, syrup or honey
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Diples or Thiples (Greek: Δίπλες) is a Greek dessert from the Peloponnese, made of thin sheet-like dough. The dough is rolled into long, thin strips, fried and folded in hot oil and then dipped in a sugar or honey syrup.[1][2] Diples can be made in different shapes, of which the most common are bow ties and spirals.[3] Diples are a typical dessert in the Peloponese and are also served at weddings and at New Year's celebrations.[4]

Another form uses an iron mould dipped in diples batter and cooked in cooking oil until the diples separates from the mould. It is topped with syrup, crushed walnuts, and cinnamon.

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