DinoZaurs: The Series

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Genre Action
Original video animation
Directed by Tetsuro Amino
Studio Sunrise
Released November 27, 1998 January 2000
Episodes 5
Anime television series
Directed by Kiyoshi Fukumoto
Studio Sunrise
Licensed by

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Network Fuji TV
English network

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Original run July 7, 2000 December 2000
Episodes 26

DinoZaurs, also known as DinoZone (ダイノゾーン) in Japan, is a Japanese anime which is a combination of traditional animation and computer animation.


There were five promotional CGI-only Original video animation episodes released, the first four were sold with the initial Dinozone toys in Japan. Dino Tyranno came with an episode entitled "Revive, Dinosoldier", while Gigano Dragon came with a video called "Gigano Dragon Strikes Back!!". A third featuring the Cerazaur Brothers was sold with Dinostyras. A fourth OVA was released with Nightwing. A final fifth OVA was given only to subscribers of Televi Magazine and Comic Bom Bom. The pilot was dubbed into English and released in the US on a VHS tape, available as a special offer with the toys in 2000. The voices used in the pilot were different from the cast for the series, as Saban were not involved in the dubbing of the pilot.

TV plot

It has been 65,000,000 years since the Dino Knights defeated the Dragozaurs. When the Dragozaurs return, a boy named Kaito reawakens the Dino Knights. The battle between the Dino Knights and the Dragozaurs begins once again as the Dino Knights prevent the Dragozaurs from stealing Earth's life force.


Dino Knights

When the Dragozaurs first attacked, the planet chooses a select number of prehistoric animals to fight them, converting them into the Dino Knights (ダイノソルジャー Dinosoldiers). Normally fossilized, a Dino Knight can assume a more metallic form when re-animated. The command to power up the Dino Knights with the Dino Daggers is "Dino Power, Energize!".

The Dino Knights reside in the Dinotarium. Among the known Dino Knights are:

Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese); Kim Strauss (English)
Dino Tyranno is the leader of the Dino Knights who is one of the main protagonists of the series. He wields the Silver Sword. He has a rivalry with Gigano Dragon since prehistoric times. He was knocked into an erupting volcano by Dark Dragon, but becomes an Ultimate Dino Knight with Dino Rhamph's energy boost revitalizes him and wields the Mega Blade Broad Sword, with which he uses the "Fire Flame Strike" attack. His dinosaur form is a Tyrannosaurus.
Voiced by: Tesshō Genda (Japanese); Tom Wyner (English)
Second-in-command, Dino Brachio serves as Tyranno's advisor and is the biggest, oldest and wisest of the Dino Knights. Brachio would prefer to settling the Dragozaur problem peacefully, but since the others do not listen, he is more than happy to deliver a taste of his Axe of Valor. His dinosaur form is a Brachiosaurus.
Voiced by: Shō Hayami (Japanese); Joey Camen (English)
Dino Tricera wields the Tricera Spears of Jade. He was knocked into an erupting volcano by Dark Dragon, but becomes an Ultimate Dino Knight with Dino Rhamph's energy boost revitalizes him and wields the Triple-Threat Halberd, with which he uses the "Lightning Bolt Strike" attack. Like Stego, his favorite pastime is fighting the Dragozaurs. His dinosaur form is a Triceratops.
Voiced by: Hōchū Ōtsuka (Japanese); Peter Lurie (English)
Dino Stego is the "tough guy" of the Dino Knights. Likes nothing better than fighting the Dragozaurs, he attacks with the Stego Skeletal Revolution where his chest rotates spinning any enemy around and around. His dinosaur form is a Stegosaurus. It was revealed that he had a girlfriend named "Daisy".
Voiced by: Kenji Nojima (Japanese); Peter Lurie (English)
Dino Sabre is one of the few members of the Dino Knights whose form isn't a dinosaur. He is one of the youngest of the Dino Knights and doesn't mind having fun with the Dragozaurs as well. He wields the Saber Wailing Whip. His prehistoric mammal form is a Smilodon.
Voiced by: Hideo Ishikawa (Japanese); Lenore Zann (English)
One of the few female Dino Knights, Dino Ptera serves as aerial recon for the Dino Knights. She attacks with the Ptera Bristle Boomerang. Her Pterosaur form is a Pterodactyl.
Voiced by: Hiroomi Sugino (Japanese); Beau Billingslea (English)
A very sane and competent member of the Dino Knights who wields the Mammoth Tusks of Vigor. Might not be the fastest of the Dino Knights, but he's a formidable adversary nonetheless. His prehistoric mammal form is a Mastodon.

Cerazaur Brothers

The Cerazaur Brothers are three Dino Knights that were found by Rick. By the command "Triblade fusion! Integrate!", they can combine to form Triblades (大剣者トリブレードス Daikensha Toriburēdos, Great Swordsman Triblades) who wields the Triple Fossil Star Sword and is the largest of the Dino Knights.

Voiced by: Kōsuke Toriumi (Japanese); Wally Wingert (English)
Dino Centro is a Centrosaurus and wields the Fossil Sun Sword. He forms one of the arms of Dino Triblades.
Voiced by: Katsuya Shiga (Japanese); Tom Wyner (English)
Dino Toro is a Torosaurus and wields the Fossil Moon Sword. He forms one of the arms of Dino Triblades. In the Japanese version, Dino Toro was a Chasmosaurus.
Voiced by: Yasunori Matsumoto (Japanese); Richard Epcar (English)
Dino Styraco is a Styracosaurus and Centro & Toro's older brother. Styraco wields the Styraco Sword of Stealth. He forms the Head, main torso, and legs of Dino Triblades.

Dino Weapons

The Dino Weapons (ウェポンザウルス・ダイノアームズ Weponsaurusu Daino Āmusu, Weaponsaurus DinoArms) are Dino Knights that can become weapons outside of their dinosaur and warrior forms and can attach to any Dino Knight. They are found on a strange island and were nearly abducted by Gomez. Once Dino Tyranno and Dino Brachio get the three to remember their secret identities, they help Dino Tyranno and Dino Brachio fend off the Drago Clones and the Dragozaurs.

Voiced by: Daisuke Ishikawa (Japanese); Wally Wingert (English)
Dino Pachy's dinosaur form is a Pachycephalosaurus and his Dino Weapon mode is the Pachy Spike Sword. His sword form is first used by Tyranno, and later by Brachio after Dino Tyranno's upgrade. He is the only one trapped by Gomez, but is freed when he regains his memory.
Voiced by: Takehiro Murozono
Dino Arch's creature form is an Archelon (a prehistoric sea turtle) and his Dino Weapon mode is the Arch Bone Shield. His shield form is first used by Dino Tyranno, and later Dino Brachio (and Dino Icthyo at one time) after Dino Tyranno's upgrade. He later falls in love with Dino Icthyo.
Voiced by: Nobuyuki Tanaka (Japanese); James Arnold Taylor (English)
Dino Kenty's dinosaur form is a Kentrosaurus and his Dino Weapon mode is the Kenty Skeletal Drill. His drill form is first used by Dino Brachio and later used by Dino Stego.


Voiced by: Miki Yoshino (Japanese); Wendee Lee (English)
Also called "Theo," Dino Icthyo is another female Dino Knight and is the last to be discovered. She moves around well in water because her creature form is an Ichthyosaurus. Dino Ichthyo wields the Trident of the Tides and uses a bubble-themed attack on her enemies which she calls "Bubble Blast" and can also do a "Flipper Storm". Her legs can fold into a flipper to enable her to fight. Her fossil was worshiped by the people of Atlantis.
A legendary Dino Knight known as the Phoenix in some cultures, Dino Rhamph is the most powerful Dino Knight but doesn't talk much. A bird-like creature who cannot be destroyed and a creature who rises to protect the Earth in her hour of need. According to Dino Brachio, he can exert control over life force itself. At one point Diamond Ryugu harnessed his power for a weapon. His Pterosaur form is a Rhamphorhynchus.


The Dragozaurs (デスイーター Desu Ītā, Death Eaters) are an alien race who are the primary antagonists of the series. They feed off of a planet's life force, causing the planet to be lifeless and in ruins. The Dragozaurs are:

Voiced by: Ikuya Sawaki (Japanese); Catherine Battistone (English)
Diamond Ryugu is the leader of the Dragozaurs. Only her eyes are seen and her voice heard, usually leaving Drago Wing, Gigano Dragon, and Dark Dragon to do her dirty work. When she is fully shown in battle on different occasions, she is a very large Ankylosaurus which breathes blue fire. She devours the life force of planets to become stronger. Her warrior form comes out of the Ankylosaurus back, which gives her something of a centaur-like appearance. She is shrunken down and taken away by Drago Wing in return for not harming Earth.
Voiced by: Tomomichi Nishimura (Japanese); Bob Papenbrook (English)
Gigano Dragon is Dino Tyranno's rival. His animal form is a Chinese dragon and he is a vicious fighter who is indifferent to Diamond Ryugu's plans and would rather focus on getting his revenge against Tyranno, which leads to his death. Gigano Dragon is then resurrected by Dark Dragon from a Chinese dragon fossil with a power link up with Drago Wing. He is destroyed during his last duel with Tyranno when both rivals clash their swords for the last time. Upon his death, Gigano Dragon parted on good terms with Tyranno as Gigano Dragon silently acknowledged Tyranno's victory in his last moments.
Voiced by: Masato Hirano (Japanese); Steven Blum (English)
Field Commander to the Dragozaur Armies, Drago Wing can drain any opponent of their life force, like a vampire can drain blood from his victim. His animal form is a prehistoric bat. Sneaky and underhanded, Drago Wing tends to be insulted by both Gigano Dragon and Dark Dragon. He survives during the whole series as he escorts the now tiny Diamond Ryugu away from Earth.
Voiced by: Daran Norris
A Dragozaur Wizard who once betrayed the Dragozaurs. Dark Dragon is an old enemy of the Dino Knights. Unlike the rest of the main cast, his normal form is a humanoid one. When fighting, Dark Dragon transforms into a European dragon. He also has the ability to manipulate and produce bats, as well as other powers. Dark Dragon is very intelligent and relies on subtle manipulation for his plans. Though he's extremely powerful, the only villain surpassing Dark Dragon is Diamond Ryugu herself. Destroyed by Dino Tyranno near the finale.
Voiced by: Michael Sorich
The Dragozaur Army Forces are foot soldiers modeled after the forms of Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Pteranodon and cannot transform into warrior forms. Dark Dragon can also call forth bats from thin air to form his version of the Dragozaur Army Forces. Every one of them is destroyed along with Drago Tigra when the room they were in is blown up.

Drago Clones

Created by Diamond Ryugu using the powers of the Dark Crystal, the Drago Clones (シャドーウォリアー Shadō Woriā, Shadow Warriors) are as powerful as their counterparts in the Dino Knights.

Voiced by: Kōji Ishii (Japanese); Richard Epcar (English)
The Dragozaur version of Dino Tyranno and leader of the Drago Clones. Armed by the Slasher Sword. Accidentally destroyed by Drago Ceratops.
Voiced by: David Lodge
The Dragozaur version of Dino Tricera. Takes command after the death of Drago Tyran. He dies when his head is shredded by Stego Skeletal Revolution.
Voiced by: Kazuhiko Nishimatsu (Japanese); Tom Wyner (English)
The Dragozaur version of Dino Brachio. Armed with the Axe of Venom. Destroyed when Dino Brachio used Dino Kenty's Skeletal Drill to impale him.
Voiced by: Kerrigan Mahan
The Dragozaur version of Dino Stego. He was killed in a fight with Dino Stego.
Voiced by: Ikuya Sawaki
The Dragozaur version of Dino Ptera. She was decapitated by Dino Sabre's Saber Wailing Whip.
The Dragozaur version of Dino Sabre, armed with the Wicked Whip. He is destroyed when the room he was in exploded and he tried to get out.
The Dragozaur version of Dino Mammoth. Crushed along with Drago Wing when a skeleton falls on them, but Drago Wing survives.


A complete skeleton that is discovered in Colorado that is supposed to be delivered to the Dinotarium. Dark Dragon uses his powers on Supersaurus to create havoc in the city streets. Dark Dragon gives the Supersaurus skeleton the ability to absorb the Dino Knights' life force and turn them back into fossils, which forces the Dino Knights to find a way to stop the Supersaurus skeleton without touching it. Dr. Naomi Abram was the one who found that one of it's neck bones was not like the other neck bones.


Voiced by: Sayaka Aida (Japanese); Jason Spisak (English)
Kaito is a teenager who is one of the main protagonists of the series. He seems less interested in actual dinosaurs even when his father helps to design the Dinoterium, a place that is a tribute to dinosaurs. When he stumbles upon the Dragozaurs stealing local life force, his cry for the sake of life reawakens the Dino Knights and since then, he has been their ally. He possesses one of three Dino Daggers that can restore a Dino Knight's strength.
Voiced by: Philece Sampler
Rena is Kaito's friend since kindergarten who is one of the main protagonists of the series. She shares Kaito's secret about the Dino Knights. She possesses the second Dino Dagger. She can't swim and has a fear of scorpions and spiders.
Voiced by: Michael Lindsay
Rick is a cowboy from the west who is good with a lasso and travels on a horse. Since the death of his parents, he protects the two fossils that turn out to be two of the three Cerazaur Brothers while living with his grandfather. Only his Dino Dagger can restore their strength. Throughout the series, he becomes close to the Cerazaur brothers, even being accepted as their "fourth brother." When he is trapped by Dark Dragon and the Drago Clones in the Ninja Castle, which was a trap set up by Dark Dragon to lure Styraco into surrendering his powers), Styraco gives up his life energy to save Rick, but Rick and the other Cerazaur brothers save Styraco. After being saved, the Cerazaur Brothers give Rick a scroll stating that he truly understands the concept of Bushido.

Other humans

Voiced by: Doug Erholtz
Taki is a bully that bothers Kaito on different occasions, thought a few times they seem to get along. Despite that, he is a coward when it comes to different occasions like when Rena mentioned he was afraid to arm-wrestle her. He tries to prove the existence of revived dinosaurs.
Voiced by: Miyuki Matsushita
She is the tour guide at the Dinotarium. Whenever she sees that the Dino Knights are missing and she get someone to look and the Dino Knights are back she is told to need a vacation which she herself sometimes also beliefs. She gets along great with Kaito and Rena as they often come to visit the Dinotorium. She is the one who figures out that Supersaurus is being controlled by Dark Dragon by climbing up on its neck while asleep and realizing that one of the neck bones is not like the others. However, she faints at the sight of Dino Tyranno. She is told she was dreaming when she wakes up.
Voiced by: Beau Billingslea
The manager of the Dinotarium. He is constantly telling Naomi that she is imagining things throughout the series and that "she needs a vacation."
Voiced by: Wendee Lee
Kaito's little brother.
Voiced by: Wendee Lee
An archaeologist who possesses a Stegosaurus fossil that is a part of Dino Stego's old girlfriend. He later returns where he excavates the Chinese dragon fossil until it is stolen from him by Gomez.
A greedy fossil hunter who tries to get the Dino Weapons on the island they are on. He and his henchmen are scared away when the Drago Clones invade the island. He later returns and tries to steal Gigano Dragon's fossil from Dr. Gale only to be thwarted by Dark Dragon.
Voiced by: Peggy O'Neal
Helen is the current princess of Atlantis and the daughter of its unnamed king. When she is first seen at the beginning of "Welcome Back Theo," she has a vision that the "Chosen Ones" are coming. Kaito and Rena are saved by a hooded robed Helen who tells them that they are in Atlantis. She helps the two of them retrieve Kaito's Dino Dagger as Kaito and Rena are the "Chosen Ones". During the first attempt at the room where Kaito's Dino Dagger and Dino Icthyo's fossil is, they are cornered by the Atlantean soldiers as Helen's true identity is confirmed and they are taken to the king. When the Dragozaurs attack Atlantis, Helen convinces her father to let Kaito reclaim his Dino Dagger so that he can reawaken Dino Icthyo. After the Dragozaurs are repelled, Helen and her father disappear to the afterlife alongside the other Atlanteans imploring Kaito, Rena, and the Dino Knights to protect the Earth at all cost.

Episode list

  1. "The Dino Knights Revived" - The legendary Dragozaurs have drained the last of the galaxy, and they are now wanting Earth. Meanwhile, on Earth, a teenager named Kaito sees a dinosaur exhibit by Naomi and Dr. Abbott. The fossils in the museum are really the Dino Knights, and they come to life and prepare to battle the Dragozaurs to save Earth.
  2. "The Dino Daggers of Friendship" - Gigano Dragon challenges Dino Tyranno, his old enemy. On Earth, Kaito is saved from the school bully by his friend Rena. He reveals to Rena the Dino Knights. In the Dinotarium, fossilized daggers are found, which are really the power source to the Dino Knights. The Dragozaurs wish to control them, and the Dino Knights must battle to control them.
  3. "Everything's Relative" - Dino Sabre and Dino Tricera travel to Africa with Kaito and Rena to find trace of relatives. However, the Dragozaurs are also there, draining the water springs, and Dino Sabre and Dino Tricera must fight them.
  4. "Save Dino Ptera" - Diamond Ryugu plots to get rid of all of Earth's Dinozaurs. She wants to zap the planet of its life force first, and Drago Wing sends a device to do so. Kaito and Rena find it, and Dino Ptera is drained while investigating. The Dino Knights must recharge her and defeat the Dragozaurs.
  5. "The Battle of the Aurora" - Rena spots an aurora, and Dino Tyranno assumes that it is the Dragozaurs. Dino Mammoth goes to the Arctic to find its source. Rena and Dino Brachio go to find him, but only to battle the Dragozaurs. Dino Mammoth and Dino Mammoth are shrunk by Drago Wing. The only way to restore them is to destroy the Dragozaurs' life force extractor hidden in the Arctic.
  6. "A New Friend" - Dino Tyranno, Kaito, and Rena go to New Mexico to find members of the Dino Knights' race. Two fossils are located by fossil hunters, and Kaito and Rena find the rock-faces of Toro and Centro, two of the Cerasaurs. Only the Cerasaurs' Dino Dagger will awaken them; these are in possession of one named Rick who has been watching over the fossils. The only chance of keeping Drago Gigano from defeating Dino Tyranno is to release them.
  7. "The Master Swordsman Triblades" - Drago Wing is commanded to destroy Toro and Centro before they find their third brother, Styraco. Rick is helping them, but Drago Wing attacks Toro and Centro. Rick must find Styraco's fossil, and if he does, the three of them will combine into Triblades, a mighty and divine Dino Knight.
  8. "Battle of the Drago Clones" - Diamond Ryugu makes the Drago Clones, evil versions of the Dino Knights to make up for the Dragozaurs' constant failure. They are ordered to lure the Dino Knights, and the Clones defeat them. To make matters worse, the Drago Clones use a fear-inducing ray to make the Dinozaurs too afraid to fight. Will they be able to charge themselves up and face their fears?
  9. "Long Lost Love" - A Stegosaurus plate tail is excavated in New York, which is Dino Stego's old girlfriend Daisy. Kaito and Rena try to get Rick to help them revive it, but the Drago Clones want to get it because it contains life force. Dino Stego joins his comrades to defend Daisy before the Drago Clones kidnap her.
  10. "Rick's Big Adventure" - The Cerasaur brothers are practicing when they and Rick hear an explosion. Thieves blasted open a mine shaft and find what they think are gems, but the 'gems' are actually rocks full of life force. Drago Gigano goes to steal the rocks, but the thieves intend to blow up the nearby dam and drain it to excavate the mines more. When the dam blows, Styraco, Toro, and Centro must stop Gigano.
  11. "Their Name is Dino Weapons" - Kaito, Rena, Naomi, Dr. Abbott, and Professor Takuda tarvel to a volcanic island filled with life force. There are three mini-Dinozaurs on the island, which are rogue. A man named Gomez illegally catches them for specimens. The Dino Kinghts realize that these are the Dino Weapons. Unforunately, the Drago Clones arrive, and the Dino Knights must face them if they are to get the weapons.
  12. "The Legend of Dino Rhamph" (1) - Kaito dreams of seeing a phoenix, and soon finds out that it is a creature known as Dino Rhamph. Dino Tyranno knows of him, and the two of them go to Central America to investigate tremors. Gigano Dragon attacks, and Dino Tyranno must be recharged to defeat him. Meanwhile, the other knights are fighting the Drago Clones at the South Pole. But Diamond Ryugu is coming to fight them himself? Are the Dino Knights doomed?
  13. "The Legend of Dino Rhamph" (2) - The Dino Knights try to hold off the Dragozaurs in the Antarctic. They swear to Diamond Ryugu that they will defend the Earth. Diamond Ryugu stats to suck up all of the life force, draining Earth. Rick, Rena, and Kaito, must awaken the phoenix Dino Rahmph to defeat the Dragozaurs.
  14. "A New Shadow" (1) - Diamond Ryugu wants Dino Rhamph's power, but only after the Dino Knights are slain. She summons Dark Dragon, a rogue creature who cannot be contatined, and sends it so that the Dino Knights will be destroyed in battle and perhaps Dark Dragon. Kaito and Rena are trying to find Dino Rhamph before Ryugu does, and Rick tells them that a bird creature has been located. But it is a trap by Dark Dragon. Will the Dino Knights overcome Dark Dragon?
  15. "Keep the Faith" (2) - Dino Tyranno and Dino Tricera have been incinerated in the volcano, and the others try to protect their remains. Only Dino Rhamph can resurrect them. Kaito, Rick, Rena, and Ptera search for him and find him at Drago Mountain. The group must pass the mountain tribe's test to survive. Dark Dragon is about to confront the remaining Dino Knights and the Cerasaurs. While they hold him off, the kids try to restore Tyranno and Tricera. Will they succeed and defeat Dark Dragon?
  16. "The Stolen Dino Dagger" - Dark Dragon protests his defeat to Diamond Ryugu that the Dino Daggers were the only reason he was defeated, so a trap is developed. Kaito meets up with a girl named Kira who is "lost" and tries to steal Kaito's Dino Dagger. She then tries to use one of Dark Dragon's bats to shapeshift into the Dino Dagger so she can swipe the authentic one. Rena tries to warn Kaito, but it's too late. Kaito must get his dagger back or it's all over.
  17. "Welcome Back Theo" - Kaito, Rena, and Taki are swept away by a whirlpool and end up in a cave. They see an underwater city full of life force. The city guards catch them and confiscate Kaito's Dino Dagger. While Kaito and Rena escape, the run into a girl named Helen tells them they are in Atlantis. Meanwhile, Diamond Ryugu sends the Drago Clones to the city. Helen helps Kaito get the dagger back, but they must stop the Drago Clones.
  18. "Dino Icthyo in a Pinch" - Dino Tyranno and Dino Tricera fight Dragozaurs on the ocean surface. Dino Icthyo helps drive them off. Dino Arch starts to fall for Theo. Theo tells the kids that she will be impressed if Arch brings her a ruby. While searching for the ruby to give Theo, Arch and the other Dino Knights have a skirmish with Drago Wing.
  19. "Baby Come Back" - A group of Dragozaurs sneak to Earth to smuggle their own life force. Meanwhile, Kaito takes his parents' friends' baby, Zach and Kaito's little brother Ronnie at a carnival. Tyranno fights the isolated Dragozaurs. Zach is abducted during the battle, and Drago Wing finds out that the Dragozaurs have brought a human to the base. The Dino Knights have to save Zach!
  20. "Remember Your True Self" - Drago Wing offers to properly motivate the Dragozaurs with a stirring speech in order to please Diamond Ryugu. On Earth, the newly motivated Dragozaurs fight the Dino Knights, but with the same result as always....defeat. During their retreat, Drago Wing accidentally falls to the ground and loses his memory. When summoned back to Diamond Ryugu, she orders the Dragozaurs to restore his memory in one hour by showing him images of their previous battles with the Dino Knights.
  21. "The Ninja Castle in the Sky" - The remaining Drago Clones (excluding Drago Tigra for some reason) holographically make themselves look like humans and build a ninja castle which they use to trap Rick. The Cerazaurs brothers are the Drago Clones' target, and Rick must stop the Drago Clones, who are led by Dark Dragon.
  22. "Supersaurus' Great Strength" - Skeletal remains of a supersaurus are found. Rena and Kaito go with Naomi to look at it. Dark Dragon promises Diamond Ryugu that he'll defeat the Dino Knights. Dark Dragon takes control of the supersaurus skeleton and starts destroying the city. The supersaurus drains Dino Tricera's life force. Tyranno learns that the must find a way to fight the beast without touching it.
  23. "Gigano Strikes Back" - A dragon fossil is discovered by Dr. Gale, and Kaito and Rena go to the excavation site to see it uncovered. As soon as they see it, they recognise it as Gigano Dragon and quickly report the discovery to Dino Tyranno. Dark Dragon tells Diamond Ryugu that he has a plan to restore Gigano Dragon's energy so that he will at last complete his revenge upon Tyranno. As the fossilised form of Gigano is driven away by Dr. Gale, his truck is attack by another truck driven by the fossil hunter Gomez. He steals Gigano's fossil, but it is soon stolen again by Dark Dragon's bats. Kaito and Rena observe a life force extractor attached to Gigano's fossil, and call in the Dino Knights. The kids try to stop Gigano from absorbing enough life force, but are unable to stop him from coming back to life. Gigano immediately challenges Tyranno to another fight to the finish. Drago Wing is sent to recover Gigano when it becomes clear that he doesn't have enough energy to fight Tyranno, but Gigano then siphons off energy from Drago Wing. Tyranno then has to battle and defeat a newly empowered Gigano Dragon
  24. "The Demonic Solar Eclipse" - NASA is going to launch a new weather observation satellite immediately after the day's solar eclipse, and Kaito agrees to watch the event with Rena. As the eclipse begins, Kaito is seeing off the effects of food poisoning in the Dinotarium and misses it. As everyone else observes the eclipse, they notice a strange glow around the Moon, and Dark Dragon casts a spell to control everyone's mind, telling them to go to the Dinotarium and destroy the Dino Knights. Kaito, unaffected by the eclipse, notices that everyone is behaving strangely and quickly warns the Dino Knights. The large mind-controlled mob of people arrive at the Dinotarium to find the Dino Knights gone, but Rena uses her Dino Dagger to find their location for them. Dark Dragon then uses his bats to turn most of the Knights back into fossils. Figuring out that destroying Dark Dragon is the only way to free the people on Earth, Tyranno hitches a ride on NASA's rocket to get to Dark Dragon's base in space. Tyranno then does battle with Dark Dragon on the Moon's surface to determine the fate of the Dino Knights and the humans.
  25. "Invasion of the Bite Lice" (1) - The Dragozaur's base begins to crumble without a supply of life force, and Diamond Ryugu sends Drago Wing to Earth to command an army of bite lice. At the same time, Rick visits the Dinotarium for the first time while staying over at Kaito's home. Soon, a miniature Drago Wing and his bite lice army invade the Earth, covering it with Diamond Ryugu's dark energy. The Dino Knights are disabled, and so the kids venture out to observe what is going on. The bite lice are deployed and begin covering everything in sight, terrorizing the city's inhabitants, as Diamond Ryugu begins a search for something important to her on Earth. Rick summons the Cerasaur brothers to help fight the bite lice, and after Dino Ictheo and the Dino Weapons join the fray, discover that the lice are afraid of chickens, they are all able to drive the lice away. Unfortunately, their victory is short-lived as Diamond Ryugu finds and kidnaps Dino Rhamph, for use in a giant planet-killer life force extractor. All of the assembled Dino Knights then begin a final desperate attack on Ryugu and her device.
  26. "For the Earth" (2) - The Dino Knights battle an army of Dragozaurs in order to get to the planet-killer device and free Dino Rhamph, but Diamond Ryugu arrive on Earth herself to fight the Knights. As she begins to destroy the Knights, Gigano Dragon arrives and demands to finish off Tyranno personally. The two of them fight, while Kaito, Rena and Rick enter the planet-killer in order to get closer to Dino Rhamph and use their Dino Daggers to free him. Gigano merges with Drago Wing to become even more powerful, and renews his final battle with Tyranno, while Ryugu holds the rest of the Dino Knights at bay. Inside the planet-killer, the kids avoid a series of booby-traps, but find that their daggers are beginning to run out of energy, turning back into fossils. Diamond Ryugu begins absorbing the Earth's life force, destroying the planet, when suddenly Kaito, Rena and Rick put their faith in the Dino Daggers and free Dino Rhamph from the machine. Dino Rhamph, Dino Tyranno and the rest of the Dino Knights then use all of their remaining life force to defeat Diamond Ryugu and destroy her planet-killer.


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