Dieter Kemper

Dieter Kemper

Dieter Kemper in the 1960s
Personal information
Born (1937-08-11) 11 August 1937
Dortmund, Germany
Sport Cycling
Dieter Kemper in 1975

Dieter Kemper (born 11 August 1937) is a retired German cyclist who competed professionally between 1961 and 1980. During his career he won one UCI Motor-paced World Championships in 1975,[1] seven European titles[2] and 26 six-day road races. He finished three times in third place at world championships, in motor-paced racing and individual pursuit disciplines.[3][4]

Before starting to train in cycling in 1957 he was a successful water polo player with SV Westphalia in Dortmund.[4] In 1961 he started in the Tour de France but had to withdraw early due to a crash.[5]

He had another bad crash on 5 December 1976 during a motor-paced race in Cologne, when he was hit hard in the head and spent nine days in a coma.

After retiring from cycling he moved to North Holland with his wife, who later died of brain tumor in 2008.[4]


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