Diana Palmer (author)

Susan Eloise Spaeth Kyle
Born Susan Eloise Spaeth
(1946-12-11) December 11, 1946
Cuthbert, Georgia, United States
Pen name Diana Palmer
Susan S. Kyle
Diana Blayne
Katy Currie
Susan Kyle
Occupation Journalist, novelist
Nationality American
Citizenship United States
Alma mater Piedmont College
Period 1979-present
Genre Romance
Notable works Diamond Girl (novel)
Spouse James Edward Kyle (1972)
Children 1: Blayne Kyle (1980)

Susan Kyle, née Susan Eloise Spaeth (born December 11, 1946, in Cuthbert, Georgia,[1] United States[2]) is an award winning American writer who was well known as Diana Palmer and has published romantic novels since 1979. She has also written romances as Diana Blayne, Katy Currie, and under her married name Susan Kyle and a science fiction novel as Susan S. Kyle.

Before writing fiction, she was a journalist for sixteen years under her birth name. Now, she has over 150 books in print, more of them translated and published around the world. Her novel Diamond Girl was made into a movie that was released in 1998 for television.[3]


Personal life

Born Susan Eloise Spaeth[4] on December 12, 1946, in Cuthbert, Georgia,[1] United States. She was the eldest daughter of Maggie Eloise Cliatt, a nurse and also journalist, and William Olin Spaeth, a college professor. She and her younger sister, Dannis Spaeth (Cole), were raised in Chamblee, Georgia, where Susan graduated from Chamblee High School in 1964. She grew up reading Zane Grey and fell in love with cowboys.

On 9 October 1972, she married to James Edward Kyle, with whom she had one son, Blayne Kyle in 1980. Their son married with Christina Clayton (Kyle), they are both graduates of Piedmont College in Demorest, Georgia, and live in Tennessee, and they have a daughter, Selena Marie Kyle, born in February 2009 and a son Donovan Edward Kyle born in September 2012.

At 54, she went back to college, inspired by her husband who quit his job to pursue his diploma in computer programming. She graduated summa cum laude from Piedmont College, Demorest, Georgia, in 1995 with a major in history and a double minor in Archaeology and Spanish. She was named to two honor societies (the Torch Club and Alpha Chi), and was named to the National Dean's List. In addition to her writing projects, she was working on her master's degree in history at California State University where she plans on specializing in Native American studies.

She was a member of the Native American Rights Fund, the American Museum of Natural History, the National Cattlemen's Association, the Archaeological Institute of America, the Planetary Society, The Georgia Conservancy, the Georgia Sheriff's Association, and numerous conservation and charitable organizations. Her hobbies include gardening, archaeology, anthropology, iguanas, astronomy and music.[2][5]

Writing career

She was a former newspaper reporter, with sixteen years experience on both daily and weekly newspapers, including the Gainesville Times and the now defunct Tri-County Advertiser in Clarkesville, Georgia, before began to write novels seriously.[6] She began selling romance novels in 1979 to MacFadden Romance under the pseudonym Diana Palmer. In 1980, she wrote The Morcai Battalion, a science fiction novel as Susan S. Kyle, continued under the pseudonym Diana Palmer 28 years later. From 1982 to 1990, she wrote by Dell Publishing seven novels under the pseudonym Diana Blayne (her son's name). In 1984, she sold a novel by Silhouette Books under the pseudonym Katy Currie. She also used her married name, Susan Kyle, from 1988 to 1995 to sell seven romance novels to Warner Books.

Now, she only used her most popular pseudonym Diana Palmer and writes for three New York publishing houses: Mira Books (mainstream romances), Silhouette Books (contemporary series romances), and Fawcett Books (historical romances). She has over 150 books in print, more of them translated and published around the world.

Her novel Diamond Girl was made into a movie, released in 1998, for television.


Her awards include seven Waldenbooks national sales awards, four B. Dalton national sales awards, two Bookrak national sales awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award for series storytelling from Romantic Times, several Affaire de Coeur awards, and two regional Romance Writers of America awards. In 1998, a Japanese Harlequin reader poll gave her Silhouette Desire novel, The Patient Nurse, its favorite book of the year award. She was listed in numerous publications, including Contemporary Authors by Gale Research, Inc., Twentieth Century Romance and Historical Writers by St. James Press, The Writers Directory by St. James Press, the International Who's Who of Authors and Writers by Meirose Press, Ltd., and Love's Leading Ladies by Kathryn Falk. She had also been awarded the Romantic Times 1992-1993 Career Achievement Award Winner for series storyteller of the year. She had also been invited to speak at Romance conventions; Palmer presented a session topic, Moving from Series Romance to Mainstream Romance, at the 9th annual Harriet Austin Writers Conference in 2002.[7] In 2012, her alma mater, Piedmont College gave her the award of Distinguished Alumni for her contributions to the field of literature.[6]


As Diana Palmer

Single Novels

Wyoming Men Series

  1. Wyoming Tough (2011)
  2. Wyoming Fierce (2012)
  3. Wyoming Bold (2013)
  4. Wyoming Strong (2014)
  5. Wyoming Rugged (2015)
  6. Wyoming Brave (2016)

Whitehall series

  1. Lacy (1991)
  2. The Cowboy and the Lady (1982)
  3. Darling Enemy (1983)

Friends and Lovers series

  1. Friends and Lovers (1983)
  2. Rage of Passion (1987)

Big Spur, Texas series

  1. Heather's Song (1983)
  2. Passion Flower (1985)

Soldier of Fortune series

  1. Soldier of Fortune (1985)
  2. The Tender Stranger (1985)
  3. Enamored (1988)
  4. Mercenary's Woman (2000)
  5. The Winter Soldier (2001)
  6. The Last Mercenary (2001)

Rawhide and Lace series

  1. Rawhide and Lace (1986)
  2. Unlikely lover (1986)

Blake Donovan series

  1. Fit for a King (1987)
  2. Reluctant Father (1989)

Long Tall Texans series

  1. The Founding Father (2003)
  2. Calhoun (1988)
  3. Justin (1988)
  4. Tyler (1989)
  5. Sutton's Way (1989)
  6. Ethan (1990)
  7. Connal (1990)
  8. Harden (1991)
  9. Evan (1991)
  10. Donavan (1992)
  11. Emmet (1992)
  12. Regan's Pride (1994)
  13. That Burke Man (1995)
  14. Redbird (1995)
  15. Coltrain's Proposal (1996)
  16. Paper Husband (1996)
  17. A Long Tall Texan Summer (1997)
  18. Christmas Cowboy (1997)
  19. The Princess Bride (1998)
  20. Beloved (1999)
  21. Callaghan's Bride (1999)
  22. Love with a Long, Tall Texan (1999)
  23. Matt Caldwell: Texas Tycoon (2000)
  24. The Wedding in White (2000)
  25. A Man of Means (2002)
  26. Lionhearted (2002)
  27. Man in Control (2003)
  28. Lawless (2003)
  29. Cattleman's Pride (2004)
  30. Renegade (2004) = One Night in New York (2006)
  31. Carrera's Bride (2003)
  32. Boss Man (2005)
  33. Outsider (2006)
  34. Heartbreaker (2006)
  35. Lawman (2007)
  36. Winter Roses (2007)
  37. Iron Cowboy (2008)
  38. Heartless (2009)
  39. The Maverick (2009)
  40. Tough to tame (2010)
  41. Dangerous (2010)
  42. Merciless (2011)
  43. True Blue (2011)
  44. Courageous (2012)
  45. Protector (2013)

Marist series

  1. His Girl Friday (1989)
  2. Hunter (1990)

The Case of the Most Wanted series

  1. The Case of the Mesmerizing Boss (1992)
  2. The Case of the Confirmed Bachelor (1992)
  3. The Case of the Missing Secretary (1992)

Night of Love series

  1. Night of Love (1993)
  2. King's Ransom (1993)
  3. Secret Agent Man (1994)

Maggie's Dad series

  1. Maggie's Dad (1995)
  2. Man of Ice (1996)

Hutton & Co. series

  1. Once in a Paris (1998)
  2. Paper Rose (1999)
  3. Lord of the Desert (2000)
  4. The Texas Ranger (2001)
  5. Desperado (2002)

The Morcai Battalion Series

  1. The Morcai Battalion (1980, as Susan S. Kyle) - (2008, expanded version as Diana Palmer)
  2. The Morcai Battalion: The Recruit (2009 November) (as Susan S. Kyle, ebook)
  3. The Morcai Battalion: Invictus (2010 November) (as Susan S. Kyle, ebook)

Men At Work series multi-author

Montana Mavericks series multi-author


Anthologies in collaboration

As Susan S. Kyle

(reedited as Diana Palmer)

The Morcai Battalion Series

  1. The Morcai Battalion (1980, as Susan S. Kyle) - (2008, expanded version as Diana Palmer)
  2. The Morcai Battalion: The Recruit (2009 November) (as Susan S. Kyle, ebook)

As Diana Blayne

(reedited as Diana Palmer)

Single Novels

As Katy Currie

(reedited as Diana Palmer)

Single Novel

As Susan Kyle

(reedited as Diana Palmer)

Single Novels

Lovestruck! series multi-author

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