Dhanush (missile)

Type Short Range Ballistic Missile
Place of origin India
Service history
Used by Indian Navy
Production history
Manufacturer Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
Weight 4500 kg
Length 8.53m
Diameter 0.9m

  • 350 km with 1000 kg warhead.
  • 600 km with 500 kg warhead.
  • 750 km with 250 kg warhead.[1]

Dhanush (Sanskrit: धनुष, "Bow") is a variant of the surface-to-surface or ship-to-ship Prithvi III missile, which has been developed for the Indian Navy. It is capable of carrying both conventional as well as nuclear warheads with pay-load capacity of 500 kg-1000 kg[2] and can strike targets in the range of 350 km. The Missile was test-fired successfully on 5 October 2012,[3] on 23 November 2013,[4] 9 April 2015,[5] and 24 November 2015[6] from Indian Navy ship INS Subhadra (P51) in the Bay of Bengal off the Orissa coast. The Dhanush missile can be used as an anti-ship weapon as well as for destroying land targets depending on the range.[7]

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