Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek

Deutsche Höhere Privatschule
Coordinates 22°34′30″S 17°04′59″E / 22.575°S 17.083°E / -22.575; 17.083Coordinates: 22°34′30″S 17°04′59″E / 22.575°S 17.083°E / -22.575; 17.083
Type Private
Opened 1909
Principal Kristin Eichholz

The Deutsche Höhere Privatschule, or DHPS as it is commonly known, is a private school in Namibia. Situated in the capital Windhoek,[1] it is the oldest private high school in the country. It is also one of the biggest German international schools in Africa. The headmaster is Kristin Eichholz.

The DHPS is a boarding school, but has many day students. The hostel is open to students from other schools too and offers various sporting facilities e.g. swimming pool, basketball courts, soccer fields and roller hockey rink. The school flies both the German and Namibian flag at its main entrance. DHPS covers grades Kindergarten to grade 12. Scholars have the option of leaving with the NSSC (the Namibian Senior Secondary Certificate) in grade 12, which exempts them for South African universities and other Southern African institutions, or doing the Deutsche Internationale Abiturprüfung/DIAP (The German International Abitur Examination), also in grade 12.


The school was established in 1909 under the name Kaiserliche Realschule (Imperial High School). Its name changed to Deutsche Höhere Privatschule (English: German Private Higher School) upon the abdication of the German emperor Wilhelm II. The school celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009[2] with the hosting of many events during the year. DHPS is funded by the Federal German Government as well as by school fees.


The school's hostel is called "Heimbereiche."[3] The boarding facility has sections for students in grades 1-4, 5-9, and 10-12, with grade 12 students having the privilege of having less supervision in their facilities. The grade 1-4 group lives in the "Kleines Heim." The second category is the intermediary group, and the third is the senior group.[4]


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