Desulfovibrio vulgaris

Desulfovibrio vulgaris
Desulfovibrio vulgaris
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Phylum: Proteobacteria
Class: Deltaproteobacteria
Order: Desulfovibrionales
Family: Desulfovibrionaceae
Genus: Desulfovibrio
Species: D. vulgaris
Binomial name
Desulfovibrio vulgaris

Desulfovibrio vulgaris is a species of Gram-negative sulfate-reducing bacteria in the Desulfovibrionaceae family.[1] Desulfovibrio vulgaris is often used as a model organism for sulfur-reducing bacteria[2] and was the first of such bacteria to have its genome sequenced.[3]

Desulfovibrio vulgaris is ubiquitous in nature and has also been implicated in a variety of human bacterial infections, although it may only be an opportunistic pathogen.[4]


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