Der Fischer Weltalmanach

Der Fischer Weltalmanach is an almanac, a popular publication of the information issued in Frankfurt on Main, Germany, created at the end of each year since 1959 by a team of Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag.


The idea that inspired the creators of the almanac was to find a new form of rapid transmission of information. Inspired by the U.S. The World Almanac and Book of Facts, Gottfried Bermann Fischer, publisher and Gustav Fochler-Hauke, editor developed a product that became a bestseller in the German market, reaching in the first edition print run of about 100 thousand. copies, although it is discussed in only 89 then-existing sovereign states. With the increased volume of the successive editions of publication - 385 pages (1960), 480 (1980), 704 (2000), and its price - 3.30 DM (1960), DM 9.80 (1980), DM 24.90 (2000), 29,95 € (2009).


Over 50% of the content devoted to characterization of the 195 countries of the world, including giving facts and figures, and other basic information (language, GDP, the currency structure of the country, society, state, government, political parties and the economy), and chronicle the events of the previous year. Facts about Germany, Austria and Switzerland are richer. Each federal country (land) or canton is a more accurate by adding a chronicle of events and many statistics.

The publication contains a chronicle of events of the past year, discussed the major themes of the world, including economic and financial crisis, sea piracy, armed conflicts. Added information about the European Union and several international organizations. Discusses the most important problems in economics, environment, culture and sport. It also includes biographies of famous personalities and information about the deceased.

Edition 2010, anniversary, contains more than 250,000, updated data, more than 900 maps, illustrations and tables. It discusses fifty almanac edition, important events in the development of the world, and significant figures in the period 1960 to 2009.

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