Departments of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

The Departments of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union were all specialised in their own field, for example, the International Department handled Soviet relations with non-ruling communist parties.



Department Responsible for Sections
Administrative Organs
  • Ministry of Agriculture (U–R)
  • Ministry of Agricultural Products Procurement (U–R)
  • Ministry of Reclamation and Water Management (U–R)
  • State Committee for Forestry (Pres.)
  • All-Union Agricultural Supply Agency (Pres.)
  • Land cultivation
  • Mechanisation
  • Procurements
  • Reclamations and water economy
  • Forestry
  • (Agricultural) science
  • Special sections for certain territories, for instance, their existed a Northern Caucasus section.
Chemical Industry
  • Ministry of Cellulose-Paper Industry (A–U)
  • Ministry of Chemical Industry (U–R)
  • Ministry of Oil-Refining and Petrochemical Industry (U–R)
  • Ministry of Assembly and Special Construction (A–U)
  • Ministry of Building Materials Industry (U–R)
  • Ministry of Construction (U–R)
  • Ministry of Construction in the Oil and Gas Industry (A–U)
  • Ministry of Construction of Heavy Industry (U–R)
  • Ministry of Industrial Construction (U–R)
  • Ministry of Rural Construction (U–R)
  • Ministry of Timber and Wood-Working Industry (U–R)
  • Ministry of Transportation Construction (U–R)
  • State Committee for Construction (Pres.)
  • Scientific Academy for Construction and Architecture
  • Union of Architects
  • Industrial and transportation construction
  • Urban economy
  • Timber and woodworking industry
  • Cinematography
  • Literature
  • Musical arts
  • Theater
Defence Industry
Foreign Cadres
  • Responsible for handling intra-Secretariat and intra-Central Committee housekeeping, the handling of incoming communications, and security for classified documents
Heavy Industry
  • Ministry of Coal Industry (U–R)
  • Ministry of Gas Industry (A–U)
  • Ministry of Geology (U–R)
  • Ministry of Iron and Steel Industry (U–R)
  • Ministry of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy (U–R)
  • Ministry of Oil Industry (A–U)
  • Responsible for maintaining ties with communist parties in non-socialist states.
  • Probably supervised the ministries the Foreign Cadres Department was responsible for.
  • Africa
  • Central Europe
  • Great Britain and the Commonwealth
  • Latin America
  • Near East
  • Southeast Asia
  • Scandinavia and Iceland
  • United States
  • International Social Organizations
Light- and Food Industry
  • Ministry of Fisheries (U–R)
  • Ministry of Food Industry (U–R)
  • Ministry of Light Industry (U–R)
  • Ministry of Meat and Dairy Industry (U–R)
  • Fisheries
  • Food Industry
  • Meat and Dairy Industry
Machinery Industry
  • Ministry of Automobile and Truck Industry (A–U)
  • Ministry of Chemical and Petroleum Machinery Industry (A–U)
  • Ministry of Construction, Road and Communal Machinery Industries (A–U)
  • Ministry of Energy and Electrification (U–R)
  • Ministry of Energy Machinery Industry (A–U)
  • Ministry of Heavy and Transport Machinery Industries (A–U)
  • Ministry of Instrument, Means of Automation and Control Systems Industries (A–U)
  • Ministry of Machinery for Livestock Raising and the Feed Industry (A–U)
  • Ministry of Machinery for Light and Food Industries and for Consumer Appliances (A–U)
  • Ministry of Machine-Tool and Tool Industry (A–U)
  • Ministry of Tractor and Agricultural Machinery Industry (A–U)
Organisational-party Work
Planning and Financial Organs
Political Administration of the Ministry of Defence
  • Political organs in the armed forces, and through them, the Ministry of Defence, however, the Administrative Organs Department was also responsible for the defence ministry.
  • Cultural-enlightenment work
  • Economic education
  • Mass-political work
  • Newspapers
  • Party education
  • Printing industry and press distribution
  • Sports and physical culture
  • Television and Radio
Science and Education
  • Responsible for diplomatic ties with ruling communist parties
  • May have supervised the ministries of the Foreign Cadres Department, at least when it came to relations with ruling-communist parties.
  • Economic sciences
  • Higher educational institutions
  • Philosophy and scientific communism
  • Public health and social security
  • Schools
  • Specialised secondary- and vocational-technical education.
Trade and Consumers' Services
  • Ministry of Trade (U–R)
  • Consumers' Coops
  • Republican ministries responsible for utilities and consumers's services.
Sources: How the Soviet Union is Governed (1979) pp. 412–417 and pp. 420–421
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