Department of the Taoiseach

Department of the Taoiseach
Department overview
Formed 29 December 1937
Jurisdiction Ireland
Headquarters Government Buildings
Merrion Street
Dublin 2
D02 R583
53°20′21″N 6°15′13″W / 53.33917°N 6.25361°W / 53.33917; -6.25361
Minister responsible
Department executive

The Department of the Taoiseach (Irish: Roinn an Taoisigh) is the government department of the Taoiseach (prime minister)[1] of Ireland. It is based in Government Buildings, the headquarters of the Government of Ireland, on Merrion Street in Dublin.

The Department was created in 1937, simultaneous with the new Constitution replacing the Irish Free State's 1922 Constitution. The Department replaced the Department of the President of the Executive Council, just as the office of Taoiseach replaced the office of President of the Executive Council.

The civil servant who heads up the Department of the Taoiseach is known as the Secretary General of the Department and also serves as the Cabinet Secretary.

Departmental team


Government Buildings, Dublin, is the location of the Department of the Taoiseach

The main role of the Department is to support and advise the Taoiseach in carrying out various duties. The Department also supplies administrative support to the Government Chief Whip in respect of his duties and provides the Secretariat to the Government. The Department has a pivotal role in acting as a link between the President, the Taoiseach and other Departments of State.

In addition, the Department of the Taoiseach is involved in a number of other areas such as the development and co-ordination of policy in relation to economic and social development (Social Partnership), Northern Ireland, the European Union and Oireachtas reform. It also arranges State functions such as the annual National Day of Commemoration, Presidential inaugurations, State dinners and provides a protocol service to the Taoiseach of the day.


  1. Article 13.1.1° and Article 28.5.1° of the Constitution of Ireland. The latter provision reads: "The head of the Government, or Prime Minister, shall be called, and is in this Constitution referred to as, the Taoiseach."
  2. Fitzgerald, Mary (13 July 2011). "Kenny appoints second secretary general". The Irish Times.

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