Denmark at the Hopman Cup

First year 2012
Years played 1
Best finish 3rd in group
Most total wins Caroline Wozniacki (3–1)
Most singles wins Caroline Wozniacki (2–0)
Most doubles wins Caroline Wozniacki (1–1)
Frederik Nielsen (1–1)
Best doubles team Caroline Wozniacki &
Frederik Nielsen (1–1)
Most years played Caroline Wozniacki (1)
Frederik Nielsen (1)

Denmark is a nation that has appeared at Hopman Cup in 2012.

In 2012 Caroline Wozniacki became the 24th world No. 1 player in history to compete at the tournament.[1]


This is a list of players who have played for Denmark in the Hopman Cup.

Name Total W-L Singles W-L Doubles W-L First year played No. of years played
Caroline Wozniacki 3–2 2–1 1–1 2012 1
Frederik Nielsen 1–4 0–3 1–1 2012 1


Year Competition Location Opponent Score Result
2012 1 Round Robin Burswood Dome, Perth  United States 2–1 Won
 Bulgaria 1–2 Lost
 Czech Republic 0–2 Lost

1 In the final round robin tie in 2012 against the Czech Republic, the dead mixed doubles rubber was not played.[2]


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