Denmark at the 1900 Summer Olympics

Denmark at the
1900 Summer Olympics
IOC code DEN
NOC National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark
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in Paris
Competitors 13 in 5 sports
Ranked 10th
Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 3 2 6
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Denmark competed at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris. The Danish contingent, 13 men, competed in 5 sports and had 30 entries in 14 events.[1]



Additionally, Edgar Aabye, Eugen Schmidt, and Charles Winckler were part of a mixed team (with three athletes from Sweden) that won the gold medal in tug of war.



Results by event


Four athletes competed in six athletics events, taking a bronze medal.

Event Place Athlete Heat Semifinal Repechage Final
100 metres Johannes Gandil Unknown
3rd, heat 4
Did not advance
400 metres 3rd Ernst Schulz Unknown
2nd, heat 2
None held Unknown
800 metres Christian Christensen Unknown
5th, heat 1
None held Did not advance
1500 metres 5th Christian Christensen None held Unknown
Event Place Athlete Qualifier Final
Shot put 10th Charles Winckler None held 10.76 metres
Discus throw 8th Charles Winckler 32.50 metres
Did not advance


Denmark competed in fencing for the second time in 1900. The team won no medals that time.

Event Place Fencer Round 1 Quarterfinals Repechage Semifinals Final
Masters foil 44-60 Jens Peter Berthelsen Not advanced
by jury
Did not advance


Denmark competed again at the second Olympic shooting events. Jensen, who had been more successful in weightlifting four years earlier but had won a bronze medal in shooting, returned. This time, he received no shooting medals. Madsen won an individual gold medal, while Nielsen took three individual silvers including the overall. The team did not take a medal in the team event, though they came close with a score only 13 points less than bronze medallist France's.

Event Place Shooter Score
Military rifle
1st Lars Jørgen Madsen 305
11th Viggo Jensen 277
Anders Peter Nielsen 277
22nd Axel Kristensen 261
28th Laurids Jensen-Kjær 238
Military rifle
2nd Anders Peter Nielsen 314
8th Lars Jørgen Madsen 299
13th Viggo Jensen 290
22nd Laurids Jensen-Kjær 271
26th Axel Kristensen 260
Military rifle
2nd Anders Peter Nielsen 330
10th Viggo Jensen 308
16th Lars Jørgen Madsen 301
27th Laurids Jensen-Kjær 273
30th Axel Kristensen 261
Military rifle
three positions
2nd Anders Peter Nielsen 921
5th Lars Jørgen Madsen 905
15th Viggo Jensen 875
28th Laurids Jensen-Kjær 782
Axel Kristensen 782
Military rifle
4th Viggo Jensen, Laurids Jensen-Kjær, Axel Kristensen, Lars Jørgen Madsen, Anders Peter Nielsen 4265


Denmark entered one event in its inaugural Olympic swimming appearance, with Lykkeberg taking the bronze medal.

Event Place Swimmer Seconds Metres Score
Men's underwater swimming 3rd Peder Lykkeberg 90.0 28.50 147.0

Tug of war

Denmark contributed 3 of the 6 members of the gold medal winning team in the inaugural tug of war competition.

Event Place Athletes Match 1
Tug of war 1st Edgar Aabye
August Nilsson (SWE)
Eugen Schmidt
Gustaf Söderström (SWE)
Karl Gustaf Staaf (SWE)
Charles Winckler
Won vs. France


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