Denmark–Switzerland relations

Denmark–Switzerland relations



Denmark–Switzerland relations refers to the current and historical relations between Denmark and Switzerland. Denmark has an embassy in Bern.[1] Switzerland has an embassy in Copenhagen, but only offers consular services from the Nordic Regional Consular Centre in Stockholm. [2] Diplomatic relations between Denmark and Switzerland were established in 1945.[3]


A treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Establishment between Denmark and Switzerland was signed on 10 February 1875.[4] The first treaty between Denmark and Switzerland was signed on 10 December 1827.[5] Another treaty was about conscription, signed on 10 February 1875.[6] Before 1945, Switzerland was represented in Denmark, through a consulate in Sweden, and a consulate general in Copenhagen. When diplomatic relations were established in 1945, Switzerland opened a legation in Copenhagen, and later an embassy.[3] On 22 June 1950, Denmark and Switzerland signed an agreement on air services.[7] On 21 May 1954, a convention on social insurance was signed.[8] A agreement on road transport was signed in 1989.[9] Switzerland also signed an agreement with Faroe Islands.[10]

Economic relations

Trade between Denmark and Switzerland is "developed".[11] Danish exports to Switzerland amounted to 4.6 billion DKK, and Swiss export to Denmark amounted to 5 billion DKK.[12]

State visits

In September 2002, President of Switzerland Kaspar Villiger, visited Denmark and Anders Fogh Rasmussen. After the meeting, Fogh Rasmussen said "I have had a good and constructive discussion with the Swiss President".[13] In March 2008, Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller visited Switzerland to meet Federal Councillor Micheline Calmy-Rey.[14]


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