Directed by Andreas Schnaas
Produced by Sonja Schnaas
Andreas Schnaas
Written by Ted Geoghegan
Sonja Schnaas
Starring Andrea Bruschi
Charlotte Roche
Joe Zaso
Music by The Razor Skyline
Marc Trinkhaus
Cinematography Clemens Bley
Edited by Massimiliano D'Ottavi
Anthroproject Films
Orange Film SNC
Schnaas Film GmbH
Distributed by Screen Entertainment
Release dates
  • 2001 (2001)
Running time
120 minutes
Language English
Budget $1,400,000 (reported)

Demonium is a 2001 horror film by German director Andreas Schnaas and stars Andrea Bruschi, Joseph Zaso, and Charlotte Roche.


The film tells the tale of a group of friends who meet at the sprawling estate of a recently deceased relative. While attending the reading of his will, they are killed off, one-by-one, for their inheritances. It culminates with a showdown between the killers and remaining family members, with the secret recipe to a miracle drug hanging in the balance.



Demonium was filmed in Rome, Italy and the nearby Castello di Lunghezza in early 2001.


Schnaas followed this film with a more traditional gore piece, 2003's Nikos. It also starred Joe Zaso and was written by one of Demonium's screenwriters, Ted Geoghegan.


The score was composed by Marc Trinkhaus and featured songs by US goth band The Razor Skyline.

Critical response

Although Schnaas' largest budgeted film (at a reported 1.4 million), Demonium features substantially more dialogue than his previous features. While it showcases his trademark gore throughout, the picture received critical jeers because of its pacing and nearly incomprehensible dialogue (in English, spoken by an all-Italian cast). The language issue is the primary reason it has yet to be released in most English-speaking territories.


It was released on DVD in the UK later that year but, as of 2009, has not been officially released in any other territories.

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