Democratic Solidarity Party

Democratic Solidarity Party
Partido Solidaridad Democrática
Leader Fernando Sánchez López
Founded 1992
Dissolved 20 February 2014
Ideology Liberalism,
Human rights,
Political position Centre to Centre-right
International affiliation Liberal International

The Democratic Solidarity Party (Partido Solidaridad Democrática) is a political liberal party in Cuba. Although changes to the Cuban constitution in 1992 decriminalized the right to form political parties other than the Communist Party of Cuba, these parties are not permitted to campaign or engage in any public political activities on the island. The Democratic Solidarity party describes itself as "an organization from within Cuba promoting democracy and the respect for human rights by the peaceful route." The President of the party is Fernando Sánchez López. The party is a full member of Liberal International.

It merged with the National Liberal Party of Cuba in February 2014 to form the Cuban Liberal Solidarity Party (Spanish: Partido Solidaridad Liberal Cubano, PSLC).[1]

Current PSD/DSP

In February 2007 the following persons were elected to the national executive committee of PSD:

  1. Fernando Sánchez López, President.
  2. Antonio Torres Justo, Vice president pro tempore and executive secretary
  3. Carlos Aitcheson Guzmán, international relations pro tempore
  4. Marcos Fiallo Samper, Finances
  5. Ignacio Padrón Navarro, Organizer
  6. Osmar Laffita, public relacions and spokesperson
  7. Orestes Cartaya Lirio, youth issues
  8. Juan de Dios Duke, human rights and attention to political prisoners
  9. Raúl Chávez Valdivia, Representative of the oriental provinces Granma, Santiago de Cuba, Guantánamo.
  10. Wilber Hernández Acosta, epresentantive of the oriental provinces Ciego de Avila, Camagüey, Las Tunas, Holguín
  11. Rolando Delgado, epresentantive of the occidental provinces
  12. Jorge Verrier Rodríguez, epresentantive of the central provinces
  13. Rafael Arias Carmona, workers and farmers issues
  14. Adolfo Fernández Sainz, international relations, in jail because of the 75
  15. Margarita Cienfuegos, women's secretary

Provincial delegates

  1. Rolando Delgado Ramos, Pinar del Río
  2. Ignacio Padrón Navarro, Havana province
  3. Hermes Diago Gómez, Matanzas
  4. Ricardo Filgueira Fajardo, Cienfuegos
  5. Juan de Dios Ortueta, Villa Clara
  6. Rubén Mulén Torno, S.Spíritus
  7. Israel Savigñon Revé, Camagüey
  8. Amauri Peña Rodríguez, Las Tunas
  9. Raúl Chávez Valdivia. Granma
  10. Eidy Graña Toledo, Holguín
  11. Dr. Arnoldo de la Cruz Bañobre, Santiago de Cuba.
  12. Argos Alejandro Matos Ricardo, Havana city

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