Early peoples and kingdoms of Ireland, c.800

The Delbna or Delbhna was a Gaelic Irish tribe in Ireland, claiming kinship with the Dál gCais, through descent from Dealbhna son of Cas. Originally one large population, they had a number of branches in Connacht, Meath, and Munster in Ireland.[1]


Central Ireland showing the approximate location of the various branches of the Delbhna

According to their earliest legends, the Delbhna took their name from their ancestor Delbáeth, son of either Aengus or Ogma, a god of the Tuatha Dé Danann who succeeded The Dagda, or Eochaid Ollathair, as High King of Ireland and who for various reasons is identified as the same as Tuireann. A later story told that the Delbhna descend from Suman, son of Lugh Delbáeth, son of Cas, progenitor of the Dal gCais.[14]

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