Death of Tito Traversa

Tito Claudio Traversa (April 22, 2001 – July 5, 2013) was an Italian climber[1] who died of complications from a climbing accident in which he fell from a 50 feet (15 m) groundfall on July 5, 2013 at the age of 12.[2][3][4] An investigation by French officials revealed that his quickdraws were assembled incorrectly, with the carabiners threaded only though the rubber keeper, and not through the full-strength sewn loop at the ends of the quickdraws that are designed to support the climber's weight. According to public prosecutor Raffaele Guariniello, eight out of ten of Traversa’s quickdraws were assembled this way. Five people have been charged with manslaughter in the case. Among those charged is the owner of the company that produced the rubber keepers without instructions, as well as the owner of the gear shop that sold the keepers. The manager of the club that organized the climbing trip, as well as two of the instructors who were at the climbing site, have also been charged for failing to check the safety of the equipment.[5]


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