Daz Saund

Daz Saund
Genres House
Hard house
Hard Trance
Hard NRG
Occupation(s) Remixer, DJ
Years active 1988-current
Labels Positiva
Missile Records, Moonshine [1]
Associated acts Tony De Vit
Website http://www.myspace.com/djdazsaund

Daz Saund is a British club DJ and Remixer from London, England.


After getting his big break at the seminal Troll Nites [2] at the Sound Shaft, Heaven,[3] London in the late 1980s. Daz Saund then progressed to become resident DJ at the immensely popular Garage at Heaven nightclub. He then spent three years (1990–93) spinning the decks at the legendary Trade at Turnmills and was one of the original DJ's,[4] where he made his mark as one of Britain's leading Techno artists. Daz's reputation rapidly spread throughout the UK, Europe and the Far East, playing at monumental events such as Love Parade, Mayday and Tribal Gathering in the UK. In 1995 Daz was voted Best International DJ of the year by Front Page Magazine, he remains at the forefront of today's techno dance music scene as a figure greatly admired world over.

Daz first ventured into the remix and production world in 1992 with a remix of 'Lets Rock'. He has worked with Trevor Rockliffe under the guise of Black & Brown producing several singles, including 'Lick it'.

Since 1996 he has collaborated extensively with Ben Tindsall as Sound Associates, producing for labels such as Music Man Belgium,[5] Tortured Records and Missile Records[6] in the UK. He has recently been working on his own material due out on Eukatech Records.[7]

At the start of 2000, Daz returned to one of his favorite venues Turnmills, this time with a Sunday night residency nite called Habit where he played a blend of funky techno-dance music.

Daz has also launched on his own new record label "Resident Records" together with Richard Dearlove, otherwise known as Diddy, who produced the single "Give me love",[8] on Positiva Records.

He also played at Fabric (club) in London on the infamous DTPM nights and travels extensively around Europe, and recently co-hosts the successful Megawoof events.[9]


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