David Ostrosky

Not to be confused with David Ostry.
David Ostrosky Vinograd[1]
Born (1954-09-13) September 13, 1954
Mexico City[2]
Occupation Actor[3]
Parent(s) Don Ostrosky
Doña Vinograd

David Ostrosky Vinograd[4][5] (born 1954) is a Mexican actor.[6] This actor has been in show business since 1984.[7]


Ostrosky was born in Mexico[8] and is of Jewish descent.[9]

His father Pedro Ostrosky is from Kiev, Ukraine, whilst his mother Gueña Vinograd is from Poland.

He is very known for his moustaches.[10] He is very well known for his countless novellas and plays in Mexico City. A well renowned actor, he enjoys working, being with his family, and a good read.





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