David Hines

David Hines
Born 1945
Yorkshire, England
Occupation Writer, author, screenwriter
Education Brown University

David Hines (born 1945) is an English writer, author and screenwriter.[1] He is the author of the screenplay of the film Whore, directed by Ken Russel.


In 1957 Hines went to the William Morris School for the Arts. With the intention to become a dancer, in 1965 he moved to London and joined the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, a part of Brunel University.[2] Two years later he worked with Stanley Kubrick as one of the character actors in 2001: A Space Odyssey. He returned to the Rambert School in 1969 and the same year he became a member of the London Ballet company.[2]

After his wedding in 1967, he started working for the Pergamon Press and for the Evening Standard. In 1976 Hines divorced his wife. Subsequently, he worked for a film company called the Scimitar Films, but he resigned with the aim to write more novels and plays, working in the meantime as a part-time taxi driver.[2]

His best known work is Bondage, a prize-winning monologue focused on a night in the life of a prostitute, inspired by a talking with an actual prostitute while he was working as a taxi driver.[3] The monologue has been presented as a theatrical drama in the whole of Europe[4][5][6] and made into a film by Ken Russel entitled Whore.[3]

In 1994 he published Unattended Baggage, a play about two brothers. Three years later he published A Leap into Madness, a monologue about Vaslav Nijinsky.[2]

Hines lives in London and in Italy.

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