David Gilmour in Concert

David Gilmour in Concert
Video by David Gilmour
Released October 2002 (UK)
November 2002 (US)
Recorded London, England, 22 June 2001
and January 2002
Genre Progressive rock
Length 92 min. (concert footage),
2 hours (concert plus extras)
Label EMI (UK)
Capitol Records (US)
Director David Mallet
Producer David Gilmour
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David Gilmour in Concert is a DVD of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour's solo concert at the Royal Festival Hall, London in June 2001, as part of the Robert Wyatt-curated Meltdown festival.[1][2][3][4] It also features additional footage recorded during three concerts at the same venue in January 2002.[2][5] The track selection includes several Pink Floyd compositions in addition to Gilmour's solo works.[3][4] Guest appearances are made by Floyd colleague Richard Wright, as well as Robert Wyatt and Bob Geldof.[1][3] It includes the first ever performance of "Smile"[2][4] a track which would appear almost five years later on Gilmour's third solo album - On an Island, and Gilmour even plays a few Syd Barrett compositions.[2][3][4] Also included is "Je crois entendre encore" ("I still believe I hear"), an aria from Georges Bizet's opera Les pêcheurs de perles (The Pearl Fishers), [6] with a libretto by Eugène Cormon and Michel Carré, and sung by Gilmour in the original French.

Track listing

The Meltdown Concert from June 2001

  1. "Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I–V)" (David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright)
  2. "Terrapin" (Syd Barrett)
  3. "Fat Old Sun" (Gilmour)
  4. "Coming Back to Life" (Gilmour)
  5. "High Hopes" (Gilmour, Polly Samson)
  6. "Je crois entendre encore" (Georges Bizet)
  7. "Smile" (Gilmour, Samson)
  8. "Wish You Were Here" (Gilmour, Waters)
  9. "Comfortably Numb" (with Robert Wyatt) (Gilmour, Waters)
  10. "Dimming of the Day" (Richard Thompson)
  11. "Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI–VIII)" (Gilmour, Waters, Wright)
  12. "A Great Day for Freedom" (Gilmour, Samson)
  13. "Hushabye Mountain" (Robert B. Sherman, Richard M. Sherman)

Royal Festival Hall Concert 2002

  1. "Dominoes" (Barrett)
  2. "Breakthrough" (with Richard Wright) (Wright, Anthony Moore)
  3. "Comfortably Numb" (with Bob Geldof) (Gilmour, Waters)



Special features

The 30 minutes of special features on the DVD include the tracks "I Put a Spell on You" (from Later with Jools Holland from June 1992), "Don't" (from a Leiber-Stoller Tribute concert from June 2001), and a performance of Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 (recorded on Gilmour's houseboat The Astoria).[7][8] Additionally, there is a version of "High Hopes" performed by Gilmour's backing vocalists. Finally, there are lyrics, a home movie of the band and choir rehearsing at home, and a 'Spare Digits' feature - a camera on Gilmour's fretboards during six guitar solos.[8][5]


How did you go about choosing the material for the shows?

I went through the entire Pink Floyd catalogue, and I picked the tunes I liked. Then, after I figured out which ones would work with the instrumentation I had in mind, I spent about three months fiddling around in my home studio mocking up the arrangements.

David Gilmour, 2003[9][5]


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