Dave Weasel

Dave Weasel
Birth name Dave Wezl
Born September 22, 1984
Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
Medium Stand-up, News satire
Nationality Canadian-American
Alma mater University of Winnipeg
Genres Political/news satire, deadpan, surreal comedy, off-color humor
Subject(s) current events, anti-intellectualism, American culture, American politics, The Christian Right,

Dave Wezl,[1] better known by the stage name Dave Weasel (born September 22, 1984),[1] is a Canadian-American writer, comedian and musician.

Early life

Weasel was born in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, and attended the University of Winnipeg.[1]

The Valley Report

Weasel is the editor and founder of The Valley Report, a satire news website started in August 2015 in Sherman Oaks, California. In an interview with Buzzfeed he said he prefers to write material that offers social commentary, but most of his articles are dedicated to hoaxes.[2][3][4][5] The Daily Mail reported that Weasel's story about a woman defecating on her boss' desk was one of the most popular on the website.[6]

Although often criticized for his articles being reported as real news by various radio stations,[7][8] The Chive praised Weasel on his humorous responses to people calling out the articles as fake with his verified Facebook account.[9]

Stand-up comedy

Weasel has performed across Canada and the United States as a comedian,[10][11][12] including a Canadian leg of the Fuckface Unstoppable Tour in 2013 with Bam Margera, members of CKY and Guttermouth.[13][14]

He was part of the 2014 North by Northeast festival in Toronto as a headliner,[15] performing four separate showcases.[16][17][18][19]

His release "Sarah Sweet Sarah" peaked at #19 on the iTunes Canadian comedy chart[20] and #7 on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart.[21]


During a CKUW radio interview in 2013, Weasel had his friend read a list of words in other languages that sound like swear words in English that can't be said on air. When a man called in, Weasel antagonized him to the point of uttering death threats and cursing live on the radio, resulting in Weasel and his friend being kicked out of the studio on air.[22][23]

The Valley Report's disclaimer says Weasel has a legal right to use the public domain pictures, but will remove them upon request of the individual pictured.[24]



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