Danny & the Juniors

Danny & the Juniors
Origin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
Genres Doo-wop, rock and roll
Years active 1955-present
Labels Swan, ABC, Guyden, Mercury, Capitol
Website www.dannyandthejuniors.com
Members Frank Maffei
Joe Terranova (aka Joe Terry)
Bobby Maffei
Past members Danny Rapp
David White
Lennie Baker

Danny & the Juniors are a doo-wop and rock and roll quartet from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania comprising Danny Rapp, Dave White, Frank Maffei and Joe Terranova. Formed in 1955, they are most widely recognized for their 1958 hit single "At the Hop" (recorded the previous year in 1957) and "Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay".

The 1960s

Danny & the Juniors appeared early in their career on ABC's The Pat Boone Chevy Showroom. They started to sing together when they were 13 and 14 years old.

In 1960, the band was signed to Dick Clark's Swan Records label, and they released one more record, "Twistin' USA". It made it into the Top 40, and became their final hit single. They went on to release several more singles, but were not able to repeat their earlier successes.

White left the group in the early 1960s to concentrate on writing and production. He was very successful in this venture, composing a number of hits, including "You Don't Own Me" for Lesley Gore, and "1-2-3" and "Like a Baby" for Len Barry.

Through the rest of the 1960s, the Juniors also appeared on Guyden Records, Mercury Records, and Luv Records (a subsidiary of Bell Records), where they re-recorded "Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay" in 1968. In 1973 they re-recorded At The Hop for Crunch Records, which was owned by the same company that owned their ABC-Paramount Records master recordings.

The 1970s to the present

In 1976, "At the Hop" was re-issued, and it made its way into the Top 40 of the UK Singles Chart. The single was commercially used for the Canadian National Exhibition, changing the words to "Let's go to the Ex" rather than "Let's go to the hop." It was parodied by the band Dash Rip Rock with their single entitled "Let’s Go Smoke Some Pot", and by NRBQ during the 1973 energy crisis under the title, "Get That Gasoline".

After a few years, Rapp was found dead in a hotel in Arizona on April 5, 1983, of an apparent suicide.

Danny & the Juniors featuring Joe Terry currently tours, with Terranova singing lead, along with Maffei and Maffei's brother, Bobby Maffei.

Since September 2011, Frank Maffei and Terranova have presented an hour-long rock'n'roll radio special for London's Covent Garden Radio in the UK.

The Canadian pop group Finrod and the Juniors apparently were inspired by the 1950s doo-wop group Danny and the Juniors, with their style being very similar, including heavy use of harmony background vocals, rolling piano, and saxophone fills.


Awards and recognition

Danny & the Juniors were inducted into The Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2003, and the group was inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Hall of Fame on November 22, 2013.


Year Title US
Hot 100
US R&B Label
1957 "Do The Bop" -- -- Singular
1957 "At the Hop" / "Sometimes" -- -- Singular 711
1957 "At the Hop" / "Sometimes (When I'm All Alone)" 11 ABC-Paramount 9871
1958 "Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay" / "School Boy Romance" 19 16 ABC-Paramount 9888
1958 "Dottie" / "In The Meantime" 39 -- ABC-Paramount 9926
1958 "A Thief" / "Crazy Cave" -- -- ABC-Paramount 9953
1958 "Sassy Fran" / "I Feel So Lonely" -- -- ABC-Paramount 9978
1959 "Do You Love Me" / "Somehow I Can't Forget" -- -- ABC-Paramount 10004
1959 "Playing Hard To Get" / "Of Love" -- -- ABC-Paramount 10052
1960 "Twistin' U.S.A." / "A Thousand Miles Away" 27 -- Swan 4060
1960 "Candy Cane, Sugary Plum" / "Oh Holy Night" -- -- Swan 4064
1961 "Pony Express" / "Daydreamer" 60 -- Swan 4068
1961 "Cha Cha Go Go (Chicago Cha-Cha)" / "Mister Whisper" -- -- Swan 4072
1961 "Back To The Hop" / "The Charleston Fish" 80 -- Swan 4082
1962 "Twistin' All Night Long" (with Freddy Cannon) / "Some Kind Of Nut" 68 -- Swan 4092
1962 "Doin' The Continental Walk" / "(Do The) Mashed Potatoes" 93 -- Swan 4100
1962 "Funny" / "We Got Soul" -- -- Swan 4113
1962 "Oo-La-La-Limbo" / "Now And Then" 99 -- Guyden 2076
1964 "Sad Girl" / "Let's Go Ski-ing" -- -- Mercury 72240
1968 "Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay" / "Sometimes (When I'm All Alone)" -- -- Luv 252
1973 "At The Hop" / "Let the Good Times Roll" -- -- Crunch 018001
1973 "At The Hop" / "Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay" -- -- Roulette
1980 "At The Hop" / "Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay" -- -- MCA


Oddly, despite the sizable output released by Danny & The Juniors from the late 50's to early 60's, no albums were ever released during that time. The first compilation album was released in 1983: Rockin' With Danny and The Juniors on MCA; this was followed over the years by several other compilations on vinyl and CD.

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