Daniel Kleinman

Daniel Kleinman (born 23 December 1955) is a British television commercial and music video director who has designed every title sequence for the James Bond series of films since GoldenEye (1995), with the exception of Quantum of Solace (2008) (which was designed by the filmmaking and design collective, MK12). He returned to design the titles for Skyfall (2012) and Spectre (2015).[1]

Kleinman formed Bazooka Joe a rock band with John Ellis and friends from Orange Hill Grammar School, Burnt Oak, London. Bazooka Joe played extensively throughout the 1970's. In 1975 Bazooka Joe was supported by the Sex Pistols playing for the first time at St Martin's School of Art, London.[2] Bazooka Joe had a varied changing line up of musicians notably Adam Ant, Arabella Weir.

Prior to Bond, Kleinman had directed music videos for artists such as Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, Paula Abdul, Simple Minds, Wang Chung, Adam Ant and many others. His 1989 James Bond-inspired video for Gladys Knight's title song to Licence to Kill led to him being chosen as the replacement for regular Bond title designer Maurice Binder after his death in 1991. In addition to the titles, Kleinman also directed the music video for Sheryl Crow's Tomorrow Never Dies title song.

Kleinman has also directed many television commercials for companies ranging from Smirnoff's Sea and Guinness' noitulovE, to pieces for Levi's, Johnnie Walker, Durex and Audi. He also directed the iconic Boddington’s commercials featuring Melanie Sykes.

Kleinman also directed Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse in 'Smashie and Nicey, End of an Era'.[3]

James Bond

Kleinman's appointment as title designer for the James Bond films placed greater emphasis on the use of modern technologies (such as computer generated images) into the creation of the series' title sequences, as well as an arguably greater emphasis on the integration of elements of each film's respective plots within the musical sequences.

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