Danial Hakimi


Danial Hakimi

Face Expression
Born April 21, 1963
Shahrud,Semnan IR
Residence Tehran, Iran
Nationality Iranian
Occupation Actor
Children 2

Danial Hakimi (Persian: دانیال حکیمی, /ˈhækɪmɪ/; April 21, 1963) is an Iranian film, stage, TV series, and radio actor.

Early life and education

Hakimi was born in Shahrud, Semnan. He graduated from Radio acting school in Iran, and studied Acting with Hamid Samandarian. He started to play roles in several dramas, and went on to film work, beginning with 2001 Inventor. He had successful performances in many Television series including Asleep & awake , Love province , Paternal house , Passenger , Evil mind , and Gradual death of a dream. In 2007 he won the 24th Fajr International Theater Festival award for best performance in the leading role.

On the scene – "Melody of Rainy City" (Drama) Danial Hakimi performing role of "Bahman Ahang" City Hall of Tehran, Iran – Year 2005

Awards and recognition

Trophy and honorary diploma from 13th anniversary of National Association of Theater Critics for playing in role of "Bolbol" in Staircase drama (written by Akbar Radi) 2013



Television series

Night raven (Series)Danial Hakimi performed role of "Reza Shah" (Ex Shah of Iran)Year 1987


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