Dana Jacobson

Dana Jacobson

Dana Jacobson participates in a skydive with the Army Golden Knights at Fort Bragg, NC.
Born (1971-11-05) November 5, 1971
Alma mater University of Michigan (B.A.)
Show We Need To Talk
Station(s) CBS Sports Network
Time slot Various
Country United States
Previous show(s)

Cold Pizza

ESPN First Take

Dana Jacobson (born November 5, 1971) is a sports anchorwoman for CBS. She joined the network in 2013 after ten years at ESPN, where she began as an ESPNEWS anchor in December 2002 and soon became a regular anchor on the 6 p.m. edition of SportsCenter. In March 2005, she was named co-host of Cold Pizza, and transitioned with the show as it became ESPN First Take. Jacobson provided sideline reporting for ESPN's coverage of NBA Sunday night games. On Monday, December 26, 2011, Jacobson announced that Friday, December 30, 2011, would be her final day on "First Take." She returned to anchoring SportsCenter shortly thereafter. On March 27, 2012, USA Today announced that Jacobson would leave ESPN when her contract expires at the end of April. Monday, April 30, 2012 was her final day at ESPN when she anchored the 6-8 p.m. ET SportsCenter show. Jacobson joined CBS Sports and the cast of CBS Sports Radio's morning show. "TBD in the AM" in January 2013, co-hosting along with Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney. On December 5, 2014, Dana tweeted out that she would be leaving "TBD in the AM" to work on CBS Sports Network.

Early life

Jacobson was born and raised in Michigan where she attended Andover High School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Subsequently, she attended and graduated from Valley High School in West Des Moines, Iowa, in 1989. Jacobson graduated from the University of Michigan in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and communications.


At a roast for co-workers Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic in January 2008, Jacobson allegedly cursed the University of Notre Dame, Touchdown Jesus, and Jesus.[1][2] Jacobson and ESPN both released a statement apologizing to those offended by the roast comments.[3] Jacobson was suspended from ESPN for one week. Upon returning, she apologized on-air for her behavior and comments.



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