Dan Miller (sportscaster)

Dan Miller
Born Dan Miller
Washington, D.C.
Status active
Occupation TV: sportscaster, talk show host and Sports Department Director
radio: play-by-play announcer and host
Notable credit(s)

TV: WTTG (1994)
WJLA-TV (1995-1997)
NFL on Fox (1994-1997)
WJBK (1997-present)
Detroit Lions Television Network (2001-2003)

Radio: WTNT (1992-1994)
Detroit Lions Radio Network (2005-present)
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Dan Miller (born 1963) is an American sportscaster based in Detroit, Michigan.[1] He currently works as the sports director and anchor on WJBK ("Fox 2") and as a radio play-by-play announcer on the Detroit Lions Radio Network.

Early life


Miller was born in Washington, D.C. and raised there and in Northern Virginia. It was there he fell in love with sports. He played several sports as a child such as basketball, football, and baseball. He says his father wasn't a sports fan but he always took him to his games and practices.[2]

High school

As a teenager, Miller often attended Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Colts and Washington Redskins games with his father, who was a season ticket holder to the latter, even though "he didn't even know how to keep score", according to Miller. He also never missed one of his basketball, baseball or football games when Miller was on the team.[2]

Early career

Upon graduating high school, Miller, got a job at Mutual Radio Network affiliates WJLA and WTEM as a college student to help as an engineer for their weekend sportscasts. At the job interview, he was asked if he knew how to edit audio tape. He lied and said he could. He kept the job for 11 years.[2]

In 1992, Miller got a job at WTNT ("Sports Radio 570") in Washington, D.C. as an overnight talk show host and Washington Redskins beat reporter. He only worked there for 3 months.[2]

In 1994 he got his first job in TV at WTTG as host of the Washington Redskins pre-game show. In 1995 he got a job at WJLA-TV as weekend sports anchor.[2]

From 1994−1997, Miller was a play-by-play announcer for NFL on Fox's regional broadcasts.[2]

Current positions


In 1997 he joined Detroit's WJBK (Fox 2) as sports director and on-air personality. He is the sports director, sports anchor and host of weekly sports discussion show Sports Works on the station.[2] [3] Miller's voice can also be heard announcing during The Ford Lions Report when Lions highlights clips are shown. The program is broadcast statewide in Michigan.

Miller also regularly appears via satellite to discuss the Lions on NFL Network's pre-game show NFL Game Day Morning during the "Word on the Street" segment.


Since 2005, Miller has been the radio play-by-play announcer for the NFL's Detroit Lions[4] as well the host of their official pre-game discussion show The Lions Roundtable on the Detroit Lions Radio Network, teaming with long-time color commentator Jim Brandstatter, and sideline reporter Tony Ortiz. Miller replaced longtime Lions play-by-play man Mark Champion. This is not Miller's first stint as a Lions broadcaster, however; he was the play-by-play announcer for pre-season games on the Detroit Lions Television Network from 2001 to 2003. In 2013, Miller was the recipient of the Ty Tyson Excellence in Sports Broadcasting Award awarded by the Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association. He is a long-time active member of the DSBA, founded in 1948 by Ty Tyson.

Miller also hosts The Lions Review Show Mondays at 7:00 PM ET on WXYT-FM during the NFL season.

Community involvement and awards

Miller is an active member of the Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association founded in 1948 by pioneer Detroit Tigers announcer Ty Tyson.[5] The Detroit Free Press named Miller the "best local TV sportscaster" for 2004.

Memorable calls

Clock ticks down here in Green Bay. The Lions find themselves in a very familiar position. For 16 weeks, starting in Atlanta back in September, they took the field thinking this was gonna be their day. Sixteen times they were wrong, and now there are no Sundays left. By record, they are the worst team in league history. Zero and 16, those are the numbers that will forever be associated with the Detroit Lions.
Dan Miller, December 28, 2008, on the Detroit Lions Radio Network
Three receivers to the right side. They'll flood the right. The Lions showing three down linemen. Campbell out of the shotgun. Fourth-and-10. Eight seconds left. Campbell back, throws underneath. It's a hook and lateral and they get it ...to Betts, and Betts is going to be taken down. It's going to be a first down but it doesn't matter. Three zeros on the clock. Game over. Losing streak over. Nightmare over. The Lions win it, 19-14!
Dan Miller, September 27, 2009 on the Detroit Lions Radio Network.
Stafford up under center. Last Play of the game. Takes the Snap. Rolls, throws, endzone. TOUCHDOWN DETROIT LIONS! BRANDON PETTIGREW! ROOKIE TO ROOKIE! What a finish! And the Lions are an extra point away from the win!
Dan Miller, November 22, 2009 on the Detroit Lions Radio Network.
Rivers back to pass, and IT'S PICKED OFF! PICKED OFF BY THE LIONS! Cliff Avril takes it to the house! Not only that, he takes the Lions to the playoffs! That's it! Put it away! Put a bow on it! Merry Christmas everybody! Touchdown Detroit Lions!
Dan Miller, December 24, 2011 on the Detroit Lions Radio Network.
Clock moving, now with 20 seconds to go. The Lions will have to clock the ball. Stafford gets the offense in position. He dives in for the touchdown, did he get it? YES SIR HE DID! TOUCHDOWN DETROIT LIONS! MATTHEW TOOK IT ACROSS, AND THE LIONS HAVE TAKEN THE LEAD, WITH 12 SECONDS TO GO!
Dan Miller, October 27, 2013 on the Detroit Lions Radio Network.
Final play of the game. Rodgers out of the gun. He's back. They need 61 yards and a touchdown. Rodgers rolling to his left, being chased, slips the tackle, Rodgers is stepping up, and lofting it deep down the field into the endzone. It is up, and it is....CAUGHT! CAUGHT BY THE PACKERS! RICHARD RODGERS FOR THE TOUCHDOWN! OH NO! Unbelivable! Rodgers on the final play of the game, slipped inside of all the defenders in the endzone, and made the catch for the score. 61 yards, and the Lions have lost.
Dan Miller, December 3, 2015 on the Detroit Lions Radio Network.
Wentz has it, straight drop. Looking for somewhere to go, pressure comes. Wentz loads and throws deep, wants Agholor, Slay out there, AND HE PICKED IT OFF! OH DARIUS, SLIDES DOWN. THIS! GAME! IS! OVER!
Dan Miller, October 9, 2016 on the Detroit Lions Radio Network.

Personal life

Miller is married and has 4 kids, 5 cats, and two dogs.[2]


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